Don't you know which one goes better? Depending on the occasion, we always choose different footwear.
I'm gonna show you different ideas on how to style some of them.

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hope you enjoy ☼

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·high heels

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This are kind of formal, they go well with almost everything. Great for work, night out, etc.

·combat boots

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I mostly use them with either jeans or skirts.

·knee high

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Perfect for the night!!! You can go with a total black look, or something more casual with just jeans or skirts.


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With dresses, short skirts or jeans!

·flat ankle

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These are also one of the classics, everything go well with these, either formal or informal.

·shierling boots

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The coziest by far, they are so comfortable and I'd say they go best with jeans.

I hope this article gave you some ideas!

Be creative and find your own style (:

Pau ♥

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