Hello there loves! How's it going? I hope everyone's doing fine. As you may have noticed already, I'm back with an article!!!

Now this one's a bit different from what I usually write about since it happens to be a fashion article.

Also another interesting thing about the article is that,its a collab, @yukkiguin07 and I have worked on!

Make sure to check out her article and account :

In this article I'll be sharing some of my favourite soft pastel outfits (out of which many are inspired by trendy kpop fashion) that I find to be well put together and aesthetically pleasing. So without further ado let's dive right into it.

~ Plaid skirts ~

2000s, Clueless, and japan image fashion, style, and outfit image beauty, fashion, and girl image outfit, blue, and fashion image

~ Tees and Tops ~

clothing, fashion, and outfit image aesthetic, fashion, and outfit image outfit, aesthetic, and blue image cute summer outfit, gold jewelry, and green tee shirt image

~ Dresses ~

Image removed fashion, beautiful, and clothes image clothing, fashion, and floral image dress, fashion, and style image

~ Overalls ~

aesthetic, fashion, and sweater image Image by Private User fashion, outfit, and style image kfashion, fashion, and outfit image

~ Heels ~

pink image blue, legs, and pastel image morado and zapatos image yellow, heels, and shoes image

~ Sneakers ~

sneakers, nike, and purple image yellow, nike, and shoes image Image by Private User pink, aesthetic, and hello kitty image

~ Nails ~

nails, pastel, and pink image aesthetic, bags, and blue image nails, style, and shoes image nails, aesthetic, and inspiration image

And that wraps up this article, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it. I would absolutely love to do more fashion articles so stay tuned!! And until then check out my other articles and collections. Keep Hearting!!

Stay wild ;)