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I'm a huge fan of MCU, so here's the marvel tag.

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favourite movies

Avengers, black panther, and endgame image spiderman far from home image iron man image captain america, bucky barnes, and Marvel image
Black Panther, Spiderman : Far From Home, Iron Man , Captain America : The Winter Soldier

favourite female characters

black panther, shuri, and Marvel image Image removed iron man, Marvel, and pepper potts image Marvel, Avengers, and maria hill image
Shuri, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper, Maria Hill

favourite male characters

film, endgame, and rocket raccoon image falcon, gif, and Sam image antman and scott lang image gif, peter parker, and tom holland image
Rocket, Sam Wilson, Scott Lang, Peter Parker

favourite avenger movie

pietro maximoff, quicksilver, and aaron taylor-johnson image Avengers, hero, and enemy image
Avengers : The Age of Ultron

favourite villains

blue image Avengers, Marvel, and infinity war image
Loki, Thanos

favourite powers

elizabeth olsen, scarlett witch, and Marvel image Marvel image
Scarlett Witch, Doctor Strange

favourite couples

Marvel, mj, and spiderman image Avengers, gwyneth paltrow, and iron man image
Peter & MJ, Pepper & Tony

favourite friendships / duos

sebastian stan, anthony mackie, and bucky barnes image captain america, chris evans, and black widow image spiderman, tom holland, and peter parker image Hulk, rdj, and iron man image
Sam & Bucky , Natasha & Steve , Peter & Ned , Tony & Bruce

favourite avenger

hawkeye, jeremy renner, and the avengers image Avengers, chris hemsworth, and thor image
Hawkeye, Thor


iron man, Marvel, and wanda image Marvel, captain america, and civil war image
Team Cap

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