All about the indie kid aesthetic

This aesthetic is very new for most of people so here's a detailed article about it, enjoy :

The bases

This aesthetic comes from "indie rock", a term that originated in the United States and United Kingdom in the 1970s. Originally used to describe independent record labels, the term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock.
The "indie kid" aesthetic arrived around 2019/2020.

Other names :

main character aesthetic

Key motifs :

aesthetic, alt, and indie kid image indie, skateboard, and aesthetic image Image removed aesthetic, camera, and indie image
teen groups, skate, colorful bedrooms, vintage cameras

Key colors :

This aesthetic is related to the โ€œindie kid filterโ€, which makes the photos more colorful, more flashy, the colors are highlighted and saturated, giving the pictures a 90s/00s effect
monster, aesthetic, and hello kitty image indie image girl, indie, and style image indie image
pink, yellow, green, violet and blue

Related aesthetics :


Related movies / tv shows :

(These are my favorites, but I've added some more at the end of the article)

aesthetic, film, and movie image alexa demie, aesthetic, and girl image
Mid90s (movie)
adventures, boys, and couple image Image by tenderlygirl
The end of the fucking world (tv show)
lady bird, movie, and Saoirse Ronan image lady bird image
Ladybird (movie)
logan lerman, cry, and sad image emma watson, logan lerman, and the perks image
Perks of Being a Wallflower (movie)
movies, quotes, and the edge of seventeen image movie, hailee steinfeld, and the edge of seventeen image
The Edge of Seventeen (movie)
heath ledger, 10 things i hate about you, and movie image 90s, 10 things i hate about you, and movie image
10 Things I Hate About You (movie)
Scarlett Johansson, 90s, and grunge image ghost world and Scarlett Johansson image
Ghost World (movie)
the art of getting by, movie, and freddie highmore image quotes, life, and the art of getting by image
The Art of Getting by (movie)
claire danes, angela chase, and my so-called life image claire danes, the cranberries, and my so-called life image
My So Called Life (tv show)
skin, love, and Effy image skin, cassie, and tony image
Skins (tv show)

Fashion :

blue, butterfly, and girls image aesthetic, profile, and themes image indie image aesthetic image 2000s, 90s, and alternative image aesthetic image indie and aesthetic image aesthetic and indie kid image aesthetic, indie, and butterfly image indie image aesthetic, summer, and book image fashion, indie, and aesthetic image
colorful/silver jewels, tennis/school skirts, colorful tops, baggy jeans, white sneakers, customized accessories, colored hair, bucket hats, cow print, doc martens

Aesthetic :

boys, grunge, and indie image grunge, skateboarding, and teens image
friend groups, skate
Image removed indie image
energetic drinks, 90s cameras
aesthetic image kenzie ziegler, kenzieziegler, and girls image
Bedrooms with posters
girl and indie image indie and saturation image
colored hair


Singers / bands :

Arctic Monkeys, Summer Salt, Wallows, Lorde, Tame Impala, M83, Labrinth, Pink Floyd, alt-J, Current Joys, The 1975, The Neighborhood, Rex Orange County, Lana Del Rey, Mac DeMarco, Frank Ocean...

Some Songs :

As The World Caves In by Matt Maltese
Where Is My Mind by Pixie
Breezeblocks by alt-J
Still Don't Know My Name by Labrinth
I Can't Handle Change by Roar
Wait by M83
Electric Love by BORNS
Alright by Supergrass
My Tears Are Becoming The Sea by M83

Spotify Playlists :

indie kids with the color customizer filter by eva vallier
i'm the main character by ellieredois
indie kid??? by hibbert_family
Life's A Movie, You're The Main Character by arijelkins
indie kids, skating in the parking lot by ambivertedpessimist


aesthetic, skate, and skateboard image skater, aesthetic, and skateboard image
aesthetic and alternative image alt, indie kid, and friends image
doing picnics
aesthetic, indie, and indie kid image aesthetic and indie image
going shopping
kpop, red velvet, and nct dream image Temporarily removed
listening to indie rock music
sticker, aesthetic, and camera image Image removed
taking pictures
indie filter image 10 things i hate about you, 90s, and quotes image
driving around
alternative, glitter, and stickers image angel, edgy, and baby image
customizing accessories


friends, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic and pastel image aesthetic, art, and artsy image indie image indie image outfit and y2k image indie image indie image

Other movies, tv shows

Carrie Pilby, The Kings of Summer, Skate Kitchen, Moonrise Kingdom, Mommy, Submarine

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