Sweater Vests

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Paired with dress pants for a dressy, chic look or dressed down with baggy jeans and mini skirt

y2k style

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y2k aka 2000s fashions, most people remember it as tacky but it was the era of the colourful lace camis, low waisted jeans and mini skirts and the influence of playboy


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Denim is a staple in my wardrobe, jeans, skirts, shorts, I'm obsessed with all!! perfect to dress up on a night out or dress down with a tee in the daytime

Zebra print

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ugh I love zebra print, I think it is super sheike in an all black or all white look and equally gives me y2k funky vibes with denim jeans or a mini skirt

Shoulder bags

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shoulder bags are everything and my whole vibe at the moment. I really don't wear any other type of bag nowadays!

Text graphic tees

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text graphic tees are a super cool vibe, whether it's a slogan/quote or brand name bonas points for funky typography to spice things up

Crewneck + mini skirt

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I love this look as you can style is many different ways, super preppy or super brunge tomboy. I love it for the contrast between the oversized jumper and the little mini skirt

Leather jackets

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Obsessed with leather jackets are the moment for a super edgy or chic look, biker boyish box fit and the a-line longline trench style are my favs


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gold chains really elevate an outfit and dependending on the thickness can make it really tomboy or really girly and dainty

Doc martens

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number one thing on my list at the moment is doc martens, especially the jadons


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eppp love pretty little camis for the summer or even with jeans in spring time, so y2k as well ! Floral print and lace is a must


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love this trend even know its a bit hard with my hair but think its such a cool look and really adds to an outfit !


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my most fav trend, like I truely believe now that I can never have enough cardigans, they go with absolute everything whether it be with jeans, dresses or skirts!

Chunky dad sneakers

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purchased some similar to the third pic and they are so sicckkkk, kinda gives off a vintage, tom boy look which I love, especially love pairing with lil dresses