The best long story in english The great Chinese philosopher Confucius was the first man to develop a system of beliefs synthesizing the basic idea of the Chinese people.His philosophy,based on personal monality and on the concept of a government that served it’s people and ruled by moral example,permeated Chinese life and cultural for well over two thousand years,and has greatly influence a substantial portion of the words population Confucius was born about 551a.c,in the small of Ki,which is in the present province of shantung ,in northeastern chines .His father died when he quite young ,and confucius and his mother lived in poverty.As a young man the future philosopher starved as a minor government official ,long story in english but after several years he resigned his post .he spent the next sixteen years teaching attracting a considerable number of disciples to his philosophy .When he about fifty years old,he was awarded a high position in the government of L, however,after about our years , enemies at court brought about his dismissal and ,In lecd ,his long story in english exile from the state.he spent the next thirteen years as an itinerant teacher,and then returned to his home state for the last five years of his life .He died in 479 n.c Confucius is often credited as the founder of religion,but this description is inaccurate.He long story in english very rarely referred to the deity refuced to discus the afterlife ,and avoided all forms of metaphysical speculation.He was basically a secular philosopher interested in personal and political morality and conduct .The two most important virtues, according to Confucius,are Jen and it
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