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1. Ocean Vibes

girl, ocean, and summer image Image by Leregi Renga couple, love, and black and white image girl, summer, and water image
This girl is more romantic, she can be really quiet and shy at first, but she has really deep mind and you will always have good conversations with her.

2. Sunflower Vibes

art, girl, and illustration image yellow, aesthetic, and flowers image aesthetic, outfit, and sunflowers image sunflower, flowers, and fashion image
Really sweet and happy girl. She is a bit artsy and you will always have a cute and funny time with her... She brings light wherever she goes.

3. Cozy Vibes

Temporarily removed Image by alanda✰ summer, picnic, and aesthetic image fashion, dog, and girl image
She is really chill, she most likely stays home but she also knows the best movies, TV shows, and books... With her, you would have a really good time just staying inside and watching movies.

4. Summer Vibes

aesthetic, skateboard, and summer image friends, friendship, and girl image bright, pink, and cute image
She's the life of the party. Always wants to go out and have fun, with her you will never be bored.

5. Mysterious Vibes

fashion and necklace image bed, black, and black and white image aesthetic, yellow, and flowers image hair, girl, and black and white image
You will never be 100 % sure who she is, she doesn't really open up to anyone, she also loves everything scary.

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