here are a list of things that make me happy and overall make my day 100x better :)

1. late night walks

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i LOVE walking late at night when no ones outside and you can just watch the stars and talk deeply about things with friends

2. genuine laughter

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laughing until we cry and are gasping for air are the best moments

3. a crush

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side glances and fidgety hands questioning if they feel the same

4. reading fluff/cute moments in books

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especially slow burns. those are the best

5. being desired

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now its only a memory

6. music

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music can make a day so much better

7. after parties

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after dances when its just me and close friends making memories

8. day dreaming

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my imagination is on point

9. talking about dreams

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i just feel special when i'm in someone else's dreams

10. looking at old photos

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old pictures bring up memories you didn't even know you had

thanks for reading <3