Club activities in the age of Virtual Classrooms
Schools contribute to good 15 years of our life and they shape us in our formative years. The sole purpose of school is learning and for learning to be wholesome, it needs to extend beyond classroom education. School is where children get to communicate with their peers, learn from others and make their own decisions. It is where children develop skills and later, hone them. A lot that we learn in school comes from what we do beyond our classroom and this can certainly include activities like singing, dancing, quizzing, painting, debates and speeches, sports, etc.!
While all of you might be reminiscing your good old school days by now, it is a no brainer that we have to shift to virtual classroom solutions, at least partially, so as to survive these tough times. However, Digital classroom solution doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll miss the fun and learn part of your schooling! The online experience might be new and different but it sure can be as fun and competitive as it should be.
Most of the club activities can be conducted online – on the spot drawing competition, extempore, debates, quizzes and a lot more! Besides, other competitions like dancing, art and craft can be conducted by asking students to submit their entries. It is highly imperative that the young school children let their creative juices flow and club activities make sure of that. Live events like extempore and quizzing will require preparations beforehand on the part of organizing students and teachers, however, the efforts will definitely be worth it. When it comes to recorded submissions, the evaluation committee which mostly involve teachers will need to put in their efforts. While these activities prove to be refreshments for the student, they also facilitate new learnings for them. For instance, if the theme of a writing competition is “The impact of Covid on the steel industry”, the students will end up learning a thing or two about the topic. Therefore, the extra efforts are reaped in the form of extra learning by the students!
The schools shall definitely arrange for more of such club activities for students. The innovative lot will come up with some brilliant ideas and submissions which can later be used by the school in its exhibitions and school magazines. Moreover, these activities keep the students engaged with the school and certainly boost their morale! Therefore, while virtual classrooms shall run at their pace, the club activities shall also make their stride.
Juana Virtual classrooms understands how club activities are integral to schools, therefore, we have devised our solutions in such a way that they can be efficiently used for all your club activity needs. Therefore, Juana Virtual classroom is where the fun begins – ONLINE!