hi!! it's been a long time since i've done one of these !! i want to make more friends and have a more diverse friend group. here's a couple of things about me !!
this is extremely inspired by my bestest friend, madi's, carrd !(❛◡˂̵ ̑̑✧)

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ੈ♡˳ STUFFZ ABOUT ME !! (〃 ω 〃)゚

i'm 4teen, a cancer, and a cat lover !! when you first start talking to me i'm super shy and polite but i swear i'm a bruh girl x_x i live in new york and i sometimes cosplay ! no matter where i go, i must bring my airpods because i can't live without listening to music at full volume (༎ຶ௰༎ຶ) my birthday is june 23 and i would do anything for killua zoldyck from hxh<3 i'm addicted 2 memes n anime girlz

i also love kpop, joji, anime, hatsune miku, and sanrio ! my sister loves hello kitty so i grew up with sanrio (~_^)

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☆ KINS/ chiaki nanami, mikan tsumiki, miku hatsune, tohru kobayashi, ibuki mioda, umaru doma

☆ COMFORT/ KILLUA ZOLDYCK, kokichi ouma, hajime hinata, makoto naegi, nagito komaeda, kyoko kirigiri, chiaki nanami, kazuichi souda, sonia nevermind, ibuki mioda, kurapika kurta, mikan tsumiki, chrollo lucilfer, alluka zoldyck, kagamine len, miku hatsune, hello kitty

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♡ loona - chuu
♡ twice - tzuyu
♡ red velvet - seulgi
♡ astro - MJ
♡ exo - baekhyun
♡ blackpink - rose

♡ favs: loonatic, little dark age, love4eva, heart attack, egoist, singing in the rain, love cherry motion, like ooh-ahh, polish, likey, 24/7, new, vivid, favorite, hi high, peekaboo, yes or yes, love & live, lalala, uncover, #cookiejar, what is love, russian roulette, tt, ho!, fancy, see saw, + +, frozen, dal segno, sayonara, russian roulette, bad dracula, boombayah, ddu-du ddu-du, rookie, feel special, love foolish !!

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i love a few animes, but i want to get into a lot more. i've watched danganronpa: the animation, himouto! umaru-chan, and dragon maid. i'm currently watching devilman: crybaby, kakegurui, and hunter x hunter !! ☆(∗´∀`)σ

as of games, i play roblox, minecraft, danganronpa (even though i'm watching gameplay), and i used to play osu!! (i was really bad xc)

my favorite characters are yumeko jabami, killua zoldyck, chrollo lucilfer, nagito komaeda, mikan tsumiki, umaru, hatsune miku, and hello kitty<3<3

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(꜆꜄ ˃ ³ ˂)꜆꜄꜆ MUSIC BESIDES KPOP !

♪ jack stauber
♪ joji
♪ hatsune miku
♪ 100 gecs
♪ 5sos
♪ kagamine rin & len
♪ my chemical romance
♪ mgmt

♪ favs: ringtone, my plea, baby hotline, triple baka, levan polkka, disconnected, oh klahoma, buttercup, senbonzakura, miku, xx, roki, love me love me love me, tranquilizer, melt, ai kotoba, hero !<3

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༉‧₊˚✧ WHERE 2 FIND ME ( ੭•͈ω•͈)੭

if you'd like to be friends, you can find me here !!

✿ discord: vivi#0003
✿ tiktok: sylviamichellee
✿ instagram: sylvia.michellee/orokanakiti
✿ twt: killuasgrl
✿ roblox: tzutea
✿ other: dm me on here !

thank you 4 reading !! i rlly hope to make new friends<3 i don't bite so if you'd like 2 be friends please let me know !!!