I'm starting this series because I'm bored and really want to. Basically, these are outfits I'd wear if I was these characters. First TV Show is Friends. It's basically just outfits inspired by these characters, but yeah.

1) Chandler

beige, belt, and dressy image denim, girl, and silver image outfit image fashion, shirt, and clothes image
I feel like Chandler wore a lot of shirts, sweater vests and trousers rather than jeans. I also chose the white suit cos he wore one in one of the flashback episodes.

2) Monica

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She wore jeans alot. Slip dresses were big back then, as were dungarees. Also, I remember an episode were she had this gorgeous pastel green shirt, and I feel like this cardigan gives the same vibe.

3) Joey

aesthetic, black, and leather jacket image fashion, style, and outfit image genuine leather bag, etsy, and leather handbag image
So, Joey wore his leather jacket a bit in Season 1, and he also wore flannels quite a bit. He loved the Knicks, so that expains that shirt, and also, the episode with his bag was one of my favourites, so I had to add the bag

4) Phoebe

accessories, black, and boots image 80s, 90s, and aesthetic image dress, floral, and outfit image girl, handbag, and heels image
The first dress is similar to one she wore when she was pregnant, and the pink gingham is similar to the one she wore when she went to see her gay ice dancer husband. The other two are just stuff I think she'd wear.

5) Ross

babe, classy, and shirt image american, canada, and europe image clothes and fashion image
Okay, the episode with Ross' leather pants is iconic, so I had to add them in. Ross' "salmon" shirt inspired the pink. Obviously, the Frankie says relax tshirt is from the episode were Rachel gives Ross his stuff back. And the red was supposed to be from the episode where everyone finds out who Emma's dad is, but its more like when he finds out Rachel likes him.

6) Rachel

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The first picture is inspired by the skirt she wore in the episode where she looked after Marcel. The plaid pants are inspired by the episode where no ones ready for Ross' event. The green shirt and pinafore dress is from the episode where Phoebe makes her own dollhouse.