July 2020

  • Sam Smith – My Oasis (feat. Burna Boy)
Sam, smith, and sam smith image music, single, and sam smith image
I gave you my heart you’re making it so dark.
  • J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny & Tainy – UN DIA (ONE DAY)
bad bunny, j balvin, and dua lipa image music, one day, and single image
What makes you think that my mind will change.
  • BLACKPINK – How You Like That
blackpink image music, single, and how you like that image
Don’t like me? Then tell me how you like that.
  • Sofia Carson & R3HAB – Miss U More That U Know
black, dress, and sofia image music, single, and r3hab image
Yeah, I know that I said you’d be easy to forget.
  • Khalid – Eleven (feat. Summer Walker)
eleven, khalid, and summer image single, eleven, and khalid image
So you say I’m the type you like keepin’ around.
  • Danna Paola & Sebastián Yatra – No Bailes Sola
danna paola, sebastian yatra, and paola image music, single, and danna paola image
¿Qué tengo que hacer pa’ que te pueda convencer?
  • Troye Sivan - Easy
troye sivan, sivan, and troye image music, ep, and troye sivan image
Would you look at the space just next to your feet?
  • Bea Miller – feel something
miller, bea, and bea miller image music, bea miller, and single image
Can you tell me what’s wrong with me?
  • Justin Bieber – Confirmation
justin, justin bieber, and bieber image album, justin bieber, and changes image
All you ever really need is at home.
  • The Vamps – Married In Vegas
Connor, james, and the vamps image cherry blossom, the vamps, and rebirth image
I think we might get married in Vegas.

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