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Hello aesthetic civilians!
this is literally my first Blog, I´ll like some support and even better, some feedback

I wanna share the list of things I´ve been doing while quarantined and that have helped me to feel better.

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Let´s start...
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1.- Read

I still remember the day I fell in love with books ....
It was with the "It" book, in case you´re wondering.
Reading it´s one of the best hobbies and habits I have, it has helped me to feel less alone, to change the way I view things, it opened me so many doors and I would definetely like if more poeple read.

And you will be probably thinking...

-But what if I don´t find any good book?
I would probably think you are lying, because nowadays, thanks to internet, we have a lot of ways to find the perfect book for us, you should proabbly watch more Booktubers, or even articles about books (will make some soon), and even a good trick to know in which style you are into can be reading the same genre of your favorite movies, I also recommend reading the synopsis of the books, asking your reader friends, reading the book of any movie you liked, and try to get inspired with booktubers, it always helps me...
Anyways, we are in 2021, there are lots of ways to start reading and you should definetely check the "classic books", I recommend the most simple and easy ones to start because some might be hard to read, but they are classics because of something.

Btw, I´ll make soon dark academia and cottagecore must books

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2.- Make online friends

Due to the coronavirus, we aren´t supposed to go out, therefore we don´t make friends anymore, and we sometimes start feeling alone. I would definetely recomment you to make online friends, there are tons of different apps. I don´t recommend Omegle, is just usually people from Omegle aren´t expecting a friendship.

Top 7 - best apps for online friendship
1. Nextdoor
2. Bumblre BFF
3. Meetup
4. Bottled
5. Friender
6. InterPals
7. Hey! Vina

I definetely recommend you to give them a try, who knows, maybe you will find your best friend there.

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3.- Exercise

I know it doesn´t sounds that inspiring, but you should definetely do it. I started exercising since all this coronavirus happened, and I´ve seen huge changes on my body and also on my face. I couldn´t be feeling better thanks to that decision I made, and remember you could regret everything, except excersing

_I´ll probably make a blog about my excercising routine, I´ve lost more than 24 punds thanks to it, and my better nutrition

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4.- Have a spa day (or several)

I feel that thanks to quarantine I´ve been feeling more stressed, which is kind of weird because I felt that with people around me, I felt worse. So I recommend you to start practicing self care, you don´t have to buy the most expensive towels, or have elegant and expensive items, of course not, just a small number of the population does that, so what you need instead is just lying in bed while listening to your favorite music, or even better, while meditating.

Later I also recommend you to put on a mask while painting your nails or while reading or watching you favorite TV show, and finally, eating you favorite snack before sleeping, you see these aren´t necessarily things that only rich people do or should do, anytime you have some free time, don´t remember to rest a little, believe me, it will be better for your brain.

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5.- Draw and write

Draw and write are very good ways to spend time, I don´t mean that should do it everyday, but you should give it a try, and do it whenever you feel inspired.

I think that life is way better thanks to art, and the best about art for me, is the act of giving a better interpretation thanks to our emotions and feelings, so you should definetely consider making art, and if you don´t like to draw or to write because you aren´t good at it, we are in good times to learn it. Probably thanks to coronavirus, you feel unmotivated, but I think right now is the best moment to get inspired for the real world that will come soon.

If you don´t like the options I gave you, you could try with photography, maybe making short videos or edits, or how about an instrument or learning to sing?
Or creating new items or stuff?

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6.- Learn new stuff / Try new things

What if you think about all the things you wanted to do, but never had time?
You have time right now, don´t waste it!, and learn new and useful things instead.

You can learn a lot of things right now, thanks to internet, don´t waste it, because time is gold.

And if you don´t know what would be useful to learn, just ask yourself this three questions.

What do I want to study?
What are my favorites subjects/topics
What do I wanna do for the rest of my life?

I bet, that by answering those questions, you´ll have a clearer idea about what would be useful for you to learn, and don´t be afraid about what other people think... If you like art, go for it, and learn more about art, if you like cooking, try new recipes. The point is to enjoy and stay motivated in quarantine. And I highly recommend to leanr different things about different topics, I think is good to know a lot of things about a lot of topics, in order to have a wider knowledge, have more topics for conversation, and to understand more about different things.

I recommend you to learn how to programm, coding, design, music, dancing, painting, make a new webpage, ancient history, philosophy, marketing, phsychology, fashion history, board game techniques, cinema "story of films", analyze stuff, body language, above other useful things you should learn about....

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7.- Learn a new language

I mean it!
I think learning a language will be very useful for the future. Although nowadays the English is a must learn, I find it very important to learn a new language because a lot of people still don´t speak English.

And we are more than 7.594 billion people, but only 1.500 millions of people know how to speak English. Also, by learning a new language you have more opportunities to have good experiences while travelling, and you even have better proabilities to have a good job. I know it requires a lot of work and time, but believe me, it will be worth it, and learning languages also helps your brain.

I´ll make a blog about how to stay inspired while learning languages, hope you will check it out.

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8.- Plan for the future

I don´t think you should plan that much, but at least have the idea of how do you want your future to be.

Right now, is the perfect time for planning, because it feels like the whole world isn´t moving as it used to move, so we should start planning our welcoming back to the real and normal world.

If you don´t know what to plan, you should start by asking this qeustions:

How do you want your school life to be in the future?
Where do you want to go on the next holidays?
What are you planning to achieve?
How do you want you social life to look like?
How does you style look like?
How does other people view you?

and finally....

What do you need to do to achieve all those things?
How do you plan to get all those things?

Remember that a moodboard, college, writings, journals, all those things may help you to know how do you want your future life to look like, and what do you have to do, to achieve all those things.

Anyway, that´s all for today´s blog, I hope you like it, and please give me a heart, I will appreciate it..

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See you aesthetic civilians!