Name: Mila Costello
Nickname: Mils, Mimi, Costello
Age: 17
Status: Kook


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Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Sun-kissed.


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Cute. Casual. Put-together.


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Care-free. Serene. Warm. Adventurous.


beach, forest, and green image -house, -dream, and -beach image -beach, -house, and -dream image home, kitchen, and luxury image
A waterfront beach house in Figure 8, belonging to Mila's grandparents.

A day out with The Pogues:

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Surfing. Evenings on the beach. Campfires. Drinking beers. Hanging out at Kiara's Father's restaurant. Adventures and roadtrips.

A day out with The Kooks:

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Yachting. Golfing. Shopping. Expensive dinners. Nights out. Parties.

Midsummers Celebration:

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A-line floral applique pink-nude dress. Flower crowns. Dainty jewellery. Slow dances. Wine. Sneaking off.

Background Story:

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For as long as they can remember, Mila Costello and her older sister Sadie would spend every Summer at their grandparent's house on the Outer Banks island for a mini vacation away from their home on mainland North Carolina. Staying at her grandparent's beach house on Figure 8, Mila would spend her Summer playing with Topper, the son of a family friend, when they were kids. When Sadie was 15, she was offered to babysit a young boy (JJ) from The Cut during evenings when his mum had left and his dad was often absent. Mila would go with her older sister, and fast became friends with JJ who was her own age. Mila spent most days cycling between Figure 8 and The Cut to spend time with her friends. As the girls grew up, Sadie soon moved away for College and so Mila would go to the Outer Banks in Summer on her own. Topper formerly introduced Mila to The Kooks: Rafe and Kelce, who she had seen hanging with Topper plenty of times before, which slowly progressed into more than a platonic relationship between Mila and Rafe. Meanwhile, JJ also introduced Mila to his friends: John B, Pope, Kiara, and Sarah - who she knew to be Rafe's sister and had previously met during past Summers with Topper. From then on, Mila continued to spend the Summer hanging out with both The Kooks and The Pogues, indulging in their parties and adventures now they were all 16.