10. Ten things you would want in your dream home
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It has to be in Italy or near a beach, just a rustic and classy place, a huge living and kitchen for people to come to chill and rest, my own room for music, art and pets
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Huge patio with fruit trees and an orchard, a boat descent near the sea, big windows, room big enough for close and bed, a cute bathroom, a gallery on the front.
9. Nine favourite things about your favourite season: summer
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friends, summer, and beach image
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Free time, always nice weather and clear sky, longer days and shorter nights, get a tan, spend time with family and friends, having a drink under the sunset, use cute dresses, bikini, beach and sea.
8. Eight songs from your childhood / early teen years
•Complicated-Avril Lavigne •Ready,Set,Go!-Tokio Hotel •The Anthem-Good Charlotte •American Idiot-Green Day
aesthetic, album cover, and best friends image wine, luxury, and drink image wine, girl, and aesthetic image kiss, love, and couple image
•SOS-Jonas Brothers •Love Story-Taylor Swift •Last Friday Night-Katy Perry •Gives You Hell-The All Americans Rejects
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7. Seven qualities you look for in a significant other
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love, couple, and hug image
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Kind, responsable, honest, sense of humor, loyal, caring and adventurous.
6. Six things you do when you wake up in the morning
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Getting a bath, brush your teeth, make the bed, drink water, hydrated my skin and get breakfast.
5. Five fictional characters or celebrities you identify with or are most similar to
dua lipa image Emily Didonato image
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Dua Lipa • Emily DiDonato • Daniella Jones • Tris • Blair Waldorf

4. Four pet peeves you have
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Negativity • People yelling • Loud noises • when someone questions my intelligence
3. Three colours that you wear the most
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neutral colors all the time
2. Two talents you wish you had
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Sing and play the piano.
1. One thing you’re looking forward to right now
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To be successful in my career and to live in another country.

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