If you are interested in the Gothic side of dark fashion, I recommend you read my previous article:

But, If what you are looking for is more in the direction of casual yet elegant, stick with us. Here are some ideas for those of us who refuse to wear anything but black.

Tights or Stockings

For the best effect, we recommend you putting on one of these items first. However, it can also be leggings. Pants are out of the question for us here.

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I mean heels. Classic black pumps with high heels. Literally high. The definition of elegance.

Boots are also an alternative for everyday wear, of course, but nothing too casual.

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With the tights already on, the feet slip into a pair of heels with ease hear.
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Some consider such heels extreme, so I'll post a number of shots to feast your eyes on this gorgeous footwear.
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After extensive wear, your tendons may hurt. The good news is, you can sit down and cross your legs and still look just as polished and composed in these shoes.
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Walking takes practice. These may not be made for walking, after all.
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It's impossible to ever look dull in these, though.
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Upon taking a close look a twitching in her legs can be observed as the wearer is suffering to keep her balance in the office. A fine example of a classy outfit.
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These pumps come with metal heels.
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Shifting the body weight to alleviate the pain from standing.
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Of course you need something less extreme, then take a look at these Pleaser Domina 420 Black 6" heels
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These are even lower, but nonetheless elegant.

to be continued

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