a tale of the glass bead is gfriend's overarching storyline.

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the main plot revolves around the friendship of a group of girls while they grow up surrounded by a mysterious universe and need to deal with loss, their friendship falling apart and a bittersweet feeling as they struggle to be together.

melodies, lyrics, choreography and music videos all come together to tell a story, making storytelling a strong signature of the group.


trailers leading to the stories that will be told in the next comeback

previous story > crossroads: confused to which light to follow, we still standing here.

labyrinth era: the first chapter was a story about girls facing a choice and the complications in their thoughts.

butterfly effect > apple: the story of our parting at the fork in the road, now standing alone before a glimmering red apple.

song of the sirens era: the girls selected a path and yet again facing another choice.

the girls running in the forest with clothes from different eras: eunha (rough), yuju (crossroads), yerin (apple), sinb (time for the moon night), umji (unknown), sowon (unknown).

walpurgis night comeback show vcrs > mago

we competed fiercely. and after persevering finally we arrived at the place we wanted to be and... in this moment everything feels perfect. the feeling of anxiety comes to mind. chaotic emotions. a moment's hesitation. we were shaken before too many options... it wasn't that we were afraid of an uncertain future. but back then we didn't know where we should go. maybe we were just catching our breath.
the right choice came at a great cost. the voice of temptation pierced our hearts and a red apple laid before us. from then on a different world was open to us. any reason to hesitate disappeared. we weren't confused in the face of desire. with honesty with confidence. without worrying what anyone would think. we chose to walk our path. even if that moment were to come again. we would take that bite.

illustrated mini books about the past, clarifying myths and legends around the tale

book i

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the girls lived together in a countryside village, happily they grew up together. every girl from this mysterious island receives a glass bead when they were born.

the lake from this place is empowering entity, giving small abilities to each girl through the years (but some powers are cooler than others, leading to envy).

one of the girls wonders, was this power a blessing or a curse?

book ii

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they thought if they received magical powers, they would be happy, but instead it somehow led to the desolation of their island.

eunha searches for a solution. she crosses the forest and finds a bookstore with a mysterious man. the bookstore owner reveals that their village was once called blue butterfly village. these butterflies used to live together peacefully with the villagers, but its misuse led to their disappearance.

although, the mysterious man also reveals that he has a box with (five) butterflies remaining. he thinks eunha is capable of using them with her power, but warns: every time she uses it, her glass bead will turn darker and when the last butterfly be released, things greater than she can handle will happen.

the story finishes with eunha's figure going away while the owner says another girl has arrived, what seems to be sowon. cliffhanger

book iii

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they girls discover all of them were travelling through time to save each other, but when they finally do, it was too late. all of them used the glass beads and butterflies (like a wish granter) until the very last chance.

their glass bead turn black. they needed to pay the price. their memories were destroyed, they are cursed as witches and their soulds were taken away.

after the full transformation one of the girls says "whether they be gods or devils. no matter what, i'll find them and return the favor."


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additional content

teasers, concept photos, comeback stages and performances since they give hints such as "une journée au jardin" in last year's gayo, child!eunha in 2018, the blood moon in the most recent ones etc since 2016 mma with clocks and butterflies to be honest.

a thread with all concept photos: https://twitter.com/flawlessowon/status/1292780961634148357

some bsides like flower garden, labyrinth, eclipse, tarot cards, room of mirros etc

  • theorycrafting:
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note: pay attention to the lyrics, there are several hints and even the romantic lyrics are tied with the confirmed eunha and yerin's love story in navillera (in rough eunha reads a love letter).

the story is non-chronological. chronological album release: season of glass > flower bud > snowflake > lol > the awakening > parallel > rainbow > time for the moon night > sunny summer > time for us > fallin' light > labyrinth > song of the sirens

normal life:

slice of life arc meets school arc

freshmen year: they are innocent and strong like a clear glass bead

sophomore year: vacation episode and school festival episode

  • you see the village's tree

graduation year: breaking the fellowship episode meets time travel

  • time capsule
  • eunha receives a love letter

missing episode

another timeline? short-haired!eunha and butterfly first mention

  • yerin confesses to eunha

parallel arc

reminiscent village days episode

  • yerin's cassette recorder
  • the blue butterfly

far away from each other episode

  • the lyrics mentioned moon night and crossroads

crossing the threshold

mind screw arc

"consciousness, awakening and lucid dream" episode

labyrinth: "it tells a story of a girl who faces an identity crisis in a maze-like world, agonizing over whether to stay or escape from it." part of the 回 series

celestial bodies: sun, moon (eclipse) and dreams arc

i will meet you in my dream
  • yerin's cassette tape "2006.03 가죽여행 (family trip)"

shakespeare's sonnet that appeared in the music video:

all days are nights to see till i see thee and nights bright days when dreams do show the me (sonnet 43)
shall i compare thee to a summer's day
thou art more lovely and more temperate.
rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
and summer’s lease hath all too short a date."(sonnet 18)

umji's monologue:

i had a dream last night, the moment we could be together was just short, we were not far away from each other
  • there is a constant changing in ratio and atmosphere when it changes to the foggy forest scenes.
  • a phone booth scene similar to summer rain
  • a ladder scene similar to fallin' light

回 (to return) arc
heavily meta with their own career if you pay attention

the restless state of mind while standing at the crossroads (moment of choice): whether to stop at the intersection or cross over it.
the overall theme of this chapter is temptation, if they decided the path to follow at the crossroads (leading to the apple tree), they yet need to make another choice. when the darkness overtakes them, they are both the seduced and the culprit.

unknown arc
japanese discography

pink moon and ten thousand origami cranes episode

rays of heaven (angel's ladder) episode


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