Hey, its Dilay again!
I have seen this gorgeous article;

It seemed so much fun to me so I wanted to make my own. If the writer of this article wants me to delete it, I'll delete it. Thank you, feel free to make your own!

My Overall Style

In the winter I always wear my coats and turtlenecks with trousers. In the summer I wear skirts and skinny or baggy jeans. (I personally love dark-colored leather fabrics rather than any other colored fabric.)

aesthetic, black, and fashion image emo and goth image aesthetic, boots, and fashion image Image removed Image removed grunge, goth, and aesthetic image

My Color Palette

Any dark color is possible but I'm totally black so...

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Patterns I Wear

Image removed blue, background, and grid image aesthetic, background, and pattern image wallpaper, blue, and waves image wallpaper, background, and pattern image aesthetic, fishes, and patterns image

My Aesthetic

fashion, 90s, and aesthetic image moda, ropa, and black image Image removed fashion and outfit image shoes, boots, and aesthetic image fashion, dress, and black image

Shoe Closet

Daily shoes are ae always oxfords and converses.

Image removed aesthetic, gay, and rainbow image aesthetic, oxford, and shoes image aesthetic, fashion, and brown image Image by Anghelina Lp shoes, aesthetic, and heels image

Go-to Accessories

watch, fashion, and daniel wellington image aesthetic, black, and fashion image fashion, girl, and black image aesthetic, black, and girly image fashion, aesthetic, and hair image accessories, aesthetic, and black image Image by angelicsalt girl, fashion, and chanel image

My Favourite Hairstyles

My original hair is raven black, short, and straight as hell so I usually use it as its original appearance.

hair image aesthetic, beauty, and girl image alternative, pink, and hair image architecture, fashion, and hairstyles image aesthetic, hairstyles, and outfits image black, clothes, and fashion image

My Favourite Brands

I don't often buy expensive things I usually like to spend my money on the things that seems like me and my aesthetics.

Versace, luxury, and gold image chanel, vogue, and aesthetic image brand, aesthetic, and cartier image cartier, luxury, and aesthetic image

My Style Inspo

I don't actually have a style inspiration or something but I love Hwasa, Jeon Jiwoo, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Lange, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilynn Monroe so so so much.

cate blanchett, cate, and cate blanchett icons image kpop, amino, and mamamoo image kpop, jiwoo, and jeon image Temporarily removed audrey hepburn image Temporarily removed

My Future Style

My future style is will be the same I think. If I will change it, I will probably make an update about it.

I hope you enjoyed it so much and can get inspiration from my article.
Thats all, thank you for tuning in! I hope we all can see sunny days soon without this hate and violence again. As always "Books, not guns; culture, not violence." Take care!

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