You wake up, you’re feeling cute, so you snap a selfie. Wait, decide to re-do that selfie, this time WITH a filter. Okay, much better...those big pores in the first selfie were a huge NO! A good ole blurring filter was much needed! Now, it’s ready to share.

Anything wrong with this? If you answered, “yes”, then you are correct. We need to stop hiding behind filters. Instead of filtering through apps, why don’t we take the matter into our own hands, and work towards bettering our skin? Those large pores don’t need to be there. There are solutions you can do right at home and will leave you with real-life filtered skin. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you stick to these treatments regularly, the filters will be wishing they had your skin...yep, that good!

First off, if you think washing your face twice a day, and moisturizing is going to cut it, you’re wrong. Your face is the holy grail of your body, so you need to treat it as so. Here is what your daily regimen should look like if you want those large pores to be-gone:

Wash face in the morning and evening

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The main cause of enlarged pores is oil and dirt. So, you need to make sure to keep that beautiful face squeaky clean. We produce oil on our face while we sleep, so it’s a MUST to wash it when you wake up. And, it goes without saying that you have to wash it at night...going to bed with all the dirt, oil, and makeup from the day is a big no no! For major pore size reduction, go with a gel-based face wash.

Exfoliation for a fresh and renewed canvas

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Even by just washing our faces twice daily, we aren’t getting rid of ALL the gritty stuff making our pores look big and annoying. There’s always some gunk that gets left behind. Oh, and there’s also dead skin cells. If we leave those guys around, they make our overall texture look rough and tired. Therefore, make sure to also exfoliate your face once or twice a week. For an optimal cleanse and resurfacing, choose an exfoliator that contains salicylic acid. It will help release all debris from your pores. NOTE: Make sure not to exfoliate more than twice a week, or else you’ll be over-drying your skin.

Toned To Perfection

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Before you proceed to put on any moisturizers, serums, oils, etc you must tone your skin. Toners balance the pH levels of your skin. This helps your skin be less prone to oiliness, and breakouts. Toners will provide you a glowing and smooth surface. For best results, use one geared towards your specific skin type.

Next, are the spa level treatments you can do right at home, and will provide you with the most life-changing results:

Steam Clean Is The Best Clean

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As you’ve noticed, the main component of major pore shrinking is absolute cleanliness. So, if you want that real-life filter permanently, you’re gonna have to go full throttle on the cleaning. Queue the face steamer! Face steamers open up your pores and loosens all build-up of dirt for a deep cleanse. And, it gets better. Face steaming also promotes circulation (which is fab for rejuvenation). For best results, steam your face once a week. If your pores are really clogged, you may steam twice a week, but no more than that.

Micro-needling Is The Best Poke

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Sure, it may sound a bit intimidating. But, there’s no need to be fearful of microneedling. You can purchase microneedling rollers from beauty stores such as Ulta or Sephora, and do it at home. Microneedling rollers have very tiny needles that create “micro” wounds in the skin that break the blood vessels. As a reaction to the “wounds”, your body produces new collagen and fresh cells to repair the injured skin. Essentially, what you get is literally brand-spankin’ new a newborn baby. Yes, please! To start, purchase a roller with very short needles. This is perfect for beginners. Start doing it every other day. Once you start seeing results, do it once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Red Light Special

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This is a pricer treatment, but if you’re truly over your large pores, this is a must-have. A Red LED Light Therapy mask will stimulate, heal, and improve blood and lymph circulation. It also encourages cell turnover, hence turning large pores into flawless skin.