Hello everybody! I wanted to do another article because I'm traveling next week and also because I weighed myself today....so, you know, measurements!

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Weekly Weigh-In

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Weight: 124 lbs
Total Gain: +2 lbs
Next Week's Goal: 122 lbs

I think I gained weight because I'm on my period. I always gain a few pounds before my period and by the time it's over I usually am back to my "normal" weight.

How I'm Feeling

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Honestly? I feel awful right now. Not just physically (hello, menstruation) but mentally, emotionally. I'm overwhelmed by the hate and disagreement in this world. The news is just so sad right now. Everyday something terrible happens. Death. Violence. Racism. Our world is messed up.

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However, I know it's all going to be okay and this will pass soon. I'm relieved my family will be traveling to a vacation home for a few days next week to relax.

Am I really giving up?

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Many of you know my ideal weight is 120 lbs but I have been stuck in my weight loss journey since June. It's been roughly two months since then and I haven't hit my goal. I sometimes feel like giving up these days.

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But I am not giving up. Why? Well, a few reasons. One, I have worked so hard and I don't want to throw it all away. Two, I love being healthy, exercising, and eating clean. Three, I want this. I want my dream body. I want my goal weight. I'm happy with where I am now but I know I can do better!

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If you're ready to throw in the towel- please reconsider! I urge you to keep going no matter what your goal. Take time with your body. Be gentle and patient and you can do it!

Fitness, Diet, and Health Tips


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Never underestimate the value of stretching. Stretching is important for conditioning and long term weight loss and can help deal with lots of health issues, like digestion, cramps, and muscle recovery.


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Calculate your BMI and ideal weight. I recommend Spotebi.com or the CDC because their weight calculators give you a lot of information. If you need a goal to work towards, that's a good place to start.


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When you're on your period, like I am, you might want to try adding more iron to your diet to cope with the blood loss and fatigue. Iron is found in leafy greens and red meat.


Today's shoutout is a double shoutout to two very special ladies!

These two lovely ladies have started their own "Glow Up Diaries" inspired by my journey! I'm so proud and honored and I hope you guys succeed. Love you so much!

Alright! That's it for today! Make sure you drink your water with this hot weather and wear sunscreen! Be fantastic!