Welcome back to the glow up challenge! Now that we've gotten all the introductions and the first challenge day out of the way, I can focus more on giving tips.

Let's get right into it!

Quick summary

1. Exercise every day
Today the ab workout felt harder than it did yesterday, but after I had a rest I also took a shot at Chloe Ting's hourglass abs workout.
[ ✓ ] completed

2. Study (languages) daily
I did some flashcards after reading today. Although my Latin still isn't done I feel good about the amount of work I did today.
[ ✓ ] completed

3. Read for 30 minutes
Since I didn't hit 30 minutes yesterday, I planned to read for 50 minutes, but then ended up reading for 1 hour.
[ ✓ ] completed

4. Keep a decent sleep schedule
Same as yesterday, I went to bed before 10:30pm and plan on trying to go to bed before 10pm today.
[ ✓ ] completed

Overall: [ 4 / 4 ] tasks

Habits & routines

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A habit is something you do automatically and usually without much thought if any at all. e.g. brushing your teeth before bed, or meditating when stressed.

A routine is a set of actions you follow on purpose. e.g. exercising, having breakfast and then drinking a coffee.

Having a morning routine can make your life seem more organised and helps you start the day off feeling more productive. You can make your own routine by thinking about your goals and considering how you can turn these into good morning habits.

  • Read faster → read every morning
  • Drink more water → start your day with a glass of water
  • Get fit → form an exercise routine

Breaking habits?

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Trying to make a habit out of something can be really, really difficult and this is partly because habits can take anywhere from 1 month to 1 year (or more!) to form. It just depends.

Here are some ways to make sure you don't lose motivation:

  • Track progress
  • Know why you're trying to form that habit
  • Make the habit fun!
  • Give yourself breaks / rest days
  • Don't miss a set day (If you say you'll exercise, don't suddenly make it a rest day later on)
  • Be patient with yourself - change won't always happen overnight!

If you spend all day procrastinating and don't study / work out, know that it's okay and it doesn't have to be the end of your routine. You have another chance tomorrow!

Thanks for reading and I hope this article motivated you!

Love, Blue

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