Hi there!

This article is a little list of all the things that I like to do whenever i'm bored at home, hope this will help you out. Enjoy!

  • 1 watch a movie
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I find it so satisfying when I can finally watch the movie/series that I've been hearing about for a while. So if you're ever bored at home, it's porbably time to pull out the list of movies/series that you always wanted to watch but never got the chance to.
  • 2 work-out
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It's a way to get rid of stress, improve your health and sleep well, plus it keeps you busy! With the many at home workours that there is online, you'll always find new things to challenge yourself.
  • 3 call a friend or someone you can open to
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It can be your best-friend, your sister, cousin, brother, partner... I always feel better after a long phone call with someone that i'm close to. It's good to open up without feeling judged or have a good laugh about something that happened years ago, either way this mini therapy session will cheer you up and time will fly by!
  • 4 at-home spa
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It can be putting my favorite face mask on, doing my nails, taking a nice long shower, we all have our ways of treating ourselves so just relax and take time to do things that both make you feel happy and good in your skin.
  • 5 clean up my palce and/or reorganize
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I think that in order to stay focused and productive, it's important to keep my environnement clean and organized. When bored take the time to really organize what's around you, let go of what you don't use and clean everything up!
  • 6 play video games
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I know this isn't for everyone, but I really enjoy playing video games. It makes me forget about everything and just have fun. For those who have never played and feel bored at home maybe it's the time to give a try!
  • 7 read or listen to podcasts
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Whether it's books or articles, reading is perfect for when bored. You can also listen to books or podcasts if you don't feel like reading, it's just as entertaining!
  • 8 online shopping
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Shopping outside is great, but shopping online is just as awesome! I like to check online brands because I find things that are different from regular stores, it's also a good way to get inspo for outfits with items that you have.
  • 9 trying out new recipes
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A delicious way to keep busy and treat yourself!
  • 10 customizing old clothes
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I always have a few clothes here and there that I don't wear, I either give them or if I have the time and insperation customize them. For example I recently turned a pair of jeans into short! perfect for summer and no money spent.
  • 11 trying new make-up looks/ hairstyles
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I see so many beautiful make-up looks/hairstyle on here or on Instagram, and whenever im bored I give them a go. I mostly just have fun with them, sometims add my little touch and it's interesting to see how they turn out.
  • 12 dancing
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Work those moves! put on you favorite playlist, forget about everything and just HAVE FUN!!
  • 13 making new playlists
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I use Spotify, I like creating playlists for different seasons, moods, occasions.
  • 14 writing
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For me it's a way to express myself, every once in a while I like to write about anything really. Take the time to do the same if you feel like you have a lot on your mind but don't wanna talk to anyone about it.