Information !

Name: Janelle
Alias: J, Nelle, Elle, Serpent Queen
Age: 17 years old
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance !

hay, pirate, and serpent image Image by Stephanie Image by Private User Image by Private User

Parent !

Image removed gold, hands, and fantasy image animal, eye, and poison image aladdin, disney, and genie image

Hobbies !

aesthetic, beautiful, and girl image art, art photography, and gramophone image Avengers, Marvel, and wanda image 2020, picture, and summer image

Style !

Image by littlefridd aesthetic, body, and eyes image fashion and red image asian girl, cool, and fashion image
Day to Day
dress, princess, and girl image red, makeup, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, shoes, and black image

Personality !

Image by Briela quote and daddy issues image funny, people, and chair image quotes, empowerment, and words image

Friends !

cold and danna paola image disney and descendants image gil, descendants, and pirate crew image gil, descendants, and harry hook image

Enemies !

jay, dcom, and descendants image carlos, cameron boyce, and descendants image evie, dcom, and descendants image dcom, descendants, and dove cameron image

Love Interest !

actor, boy, and descendants image couple, love, and dark image Abusive image intimacy image

you can find this story on wattpad as shine, in my account: m-oddinsdottir actually it is in spanish. thanks for watching this!