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So today I am giving my opinions on Taylor Swift's new album and rating each of her songs. So, just in case you've been living under a rock, Taylor Swift has created a new album called 'Folklore'. A lot of people approve of her recent work, and I personally like it as well. I think she's done a great job on this album, and it's probably one of her best ( this is my opinion, just reminding you ).

I don't think Taylor Swift is bad, I think she's an incredibly talented singer who has worked so hard to get to where she is today, and you can see how happy it makes her. However, I personally don't listen to her music as much as most people. most of Taylor Swift's songs are about love, but I believe there is more to life than just love, and there are plenty of things to be writing songs about. But that's okay. Her songs are well-written and most of them end up being hits. So let's take a closer look at her most recent album, Folklore.

1. the 1 - 8/10
Taylor's song called 'the 1' is about what could've been in a past love. The song talks about how what would have happened if all her old wishes came true and what could have happened but didn't. It's a well-written song and is definitely one of my favorites from her album. Most of her song is reflecting on the adventures her and her ex-lover had and then switching back to what is happening currently, for example, the line

"I have this dream you're doing cool shit
Having adventures on your own
You meet some woman on the internet and take her home"

This verse suggests what she thinks/knows is currently going on in her ex-lovers life. Overall, I think it's a great song that she put a lot of thought into and has plenty of experience in.

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2. cardigan - 8/10
Again, another one of my favorites. It's about a lost love again, but how people assume young people don't know what love is and that they will make mistakes. She sings about how when she felt like nothing, simply a waste of space, her ex-lover would 'put her on', as in, take her out, kiss her, show her love and she would feel new, and special and his favorite.

"And when I felt like I was an old cardigan
Under someone's bed
You put me on and said I was your favorite"

And then when they left, Taylor describe it as if they had marked her, 'like a tattoo's kiss', meaning she would never forget about them and that her thoughts would always linger to them, going through all the what-if's over and over. Her metaphors are astounding and it all sounds so poetic, it's amazing.

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3. the last great american dynasty - 9/10
This song is definitely in my top favorites category. 'the last great american dynasty' is about Rebekah Harkness and the similarities between her and Taylor.

Rebekah's story is very depressing as it talks about hate given to a woman who just wanted to have fun.

Rebekah Harkness owned a mansion named 'Holiday House', and fifty years after Rebekah, Taylor bought it. She sings about how people would refer to Rebekah and herself as 'mad'.

"And they said
There goes the last great american dynasty
Who knows, if she never showed up, what could've been
There goes the maddest woman this town has ever seen
She had a marvelous time ruining everything"
"Fifty years is a long time
Holiday House sat quietly on that beach
Free of women with madness, their men and bad habits
And then it was bought by me"
"Who knows, if I never showed up, what could've been
There goes the loudest woman this song has ever seen
I had a marvelous time ruining everything"

I find this song very powerful. For Taylor, it must mean a lot, and she must have spent so long putting together the pieces of Rebekah Harkness and herself.

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4. exile (feat. Bon Iver) - 6/10
It's not one of my favorite songs, but it definitely does have a lot of thought put into it. The song describes two ex-loves, one that is confused at how suddenly they ended, and the other one insisting they had been giving them signs all along.

"So step right out, there is no amount
Of crying I can do for you
All this time
We always walked a very thin line
You didn't even hear me out
You didn't even hear me out
You never gave me a warning sign
I gave so many signs
All this time
I never learned to read your mind
Never learned to read my mind
I couldn't turn things around
You never turned things around
Cause you never gave a warning sign
I gave so many signs

So many signs, so many signs

You didn't even see the signs"

As you can see, it is a very complicated song. One of the reasons I didn't really like the song was the difference in the voices. Taylor's was soft and smooth and his was rough and loud. I personally am not a fan of this style, but plenty of people love the song to bits and prefer this song over all the others.

5. my tears ricochet - 7/10
This song is probably one of the saddest songs in the whole album, it talks about the death of someone and how their ex-lover shows up to the funeral. I am a bit neutral about this song, but I do admire it's poetic look into the death of a loved one. I tried reading into this song, but the explanation was a bit fuzzy. The lyrics imply that the ex-lover gave her hell and that he hates her, but misses her all the same. The lyrics are vague in that sort of way.

"And if I'm dead to you, why are you still at the wake?
Cursing my name, wishing I stayed"
"And you can aim for my heart, go for blood
But you would still miss me in your bones"
"You had to kill me, but it kill you just the same"

I read that Taylor write this song by herself, which is extremely impressive. She wrote with two other people on folklore, Jack Antonoff and Anton Dessner. They've helped her on most songs on folklore, but 'my tears ricochet' is one of the few songs that she wrote by herself.

Somewhere in the song she talks about haunting him, even if she didn't have to, and how she could go anywhere, but she couldn't go home. I find this part especially sad.

"And I can go anywhere I want
Anywhere I want, just not home
And you can aim for my heart, go for blood
But you would still miss me in your bones
And I still talk to you (when I'm screaming at the sky)
And when you can't sleep at night (you hear my stolen lullabies)"
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6. mirrorball - 7/10
The song mirrorball talks about how Taylor is a 'mirrorball' and that she reflects different peoples personalities, showing them what they're best at and who they are.

"I'll show you every version of yourself tonight"

I found a specific line that struck out to me because not only does she reflect people's personalities, but she also does that to 'fit in'.

"I'm a mirrorball
I can change everything about me to fit in"

It's quite a deep song, and I absolutely love the wonder and the story around it. I found another line that explains how when her heart breaks she shatters, just like a mirror.

"And when I break, it's in a million pieces"

She explains how she would do anything to get people to laugh at her and enjoy her company, so she changes herself to fit in, reflects people's personalities and when it doesn't work she shatters into a million pieces, cutting everyone while she does.

"And they call off the circus, burned the disco down
When they sent home the horses and the rodeo clowns
I'm still on that tightrope
I'm still trying everything to get you laughing at me
And I'm still a believer, but I don't know why
I've never been a natural, all I do is try, try, try
I'm still on that trapeze
I'm still trying everything to keep you looking at me"

Overall, I think this song is very sad, as she isn't able to show her true self she only changes herself to be like others, showing them who they are, instead of herself. This is probably the second saddest song after 'my tears ricochet'.

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7. seven - 8/10
I love the dreamy vibe this song has, describing all the places she used to go and the adventures her and her friend had. This song is also sad, as it is about a childhood friend that had an abusive dad. Most people have mistaken this song as Taylor Swift admitting she is bisexual because of some of the lyrics.

"And though I can't recall your face
I still got love for you
Your braids like a pattern"

This line indicates that her friend is a girl. The reason why most people assumed Taylor was coming out as bi was because she never referred to the girl as her friend. However if you search up what Taylor says about the song, you will have proof that this is not a sexual relationship, but rather an old, and not entirely forgotten friendship.

"Then you won't have to cry
Or hide in the closet"

This is another verse that confused people. The term 'hiding in the closet' is meant for LGBTQ+ people that haven't admitted that they are not straight.

The relationship between her friend's dad and her friend is only touched upon lightly, but the rest of the song talks about escaping and 'moving to India forever'. Taylor explained that she thought this problem was so simple to solve back when she was younger. It hasn't been confirmed but I assume she was around seven at that time, due to the song's name.

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That's all for today! I will be doing the rest of the album soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this closer look into Taylor Swift's new album, Folklore. If you haven't already, go give it a listen, it's worth it!

Thank you for reading!