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To All the boys I've Loved before

noah centineo, lana condor, and lara jean image netflix, lara jean, and lana condor image
Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky , They're literally amazing with each other I just like their Chemistry...


love, couple, and hessa image after, hessa, and tessa young image
Hardin & Tessa , yeaaah , they are cool

The sun is also A star

couple, yara shahidi, and lové image interracial couple, interracial love, and yara shahidi image
Natash & Daniel , They're so cute...


aladdin, movie, and naomi scott image aladdin, disney, and jasmine image
Aladdin & Princess Jasmine , I love their combination plus both of em are beautiful...

Five Feet Apart

stella, five feet apart, and will image drama, will, and haley lu richardson image
This movie was My fav romantic Movie it taught us That love can be real without touching or even kissing if we're both meant for each other...

Me Before You

movie, me before you, and sam claflin image Image by Private User


four, movie, and gif image divergent, four, and tris image
Tris & Four

10 Things I hate about You

heath ledger, 10 things i hate about you, and Julia Stiles image 10 things i hate about you, 90s, and couple image
Kat & Patrick.... Need I say more?

Well I think That's ENOUGH hahahah!
am gonna mention others but in an other article...

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Soulef Torkia
Soulef Torkia