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playlist of the songs:

1. The first song is responsible for the gender and name of your oc. If the singer's gender is male then your oc is also going to be male and you will then me able to choose the name of him/her based on the aesthetic of the song.

eleanor - chumped

grunge, orange, and yellow image aesthetic, house, and pastel image

eleanor atwood. pretty obvious why i named her eleanor! she's a 17 year old female.

2. The second song is the appearance of your oc.

waves from the shore - the memories

girl, aesthetic, and sky image sweater and aesthetic image

she has brown hair with split ends she refuses to cut. dark brown eyes with very pale skin with a few buises from all the play fighting and falling. she has a tiny frame and stands around 5'3. she takes after a very old and tomboyish style.

3. The third song is the personality of your oc and also their mental health state.

your graduation - modern baseball

vintage, camera, and girl image quotes, aesthetic, and draco malfoy image

shes very fun to be around and has a good sense of humor. she has a problem with letting go of people and has trust issues due to family n relationship history. it has led her to hide many of her feelings and it makes it super hard for her to open up to people.

4. The fourth song is the aesthetic of the location that they live in.

touched by an angel - the memories

school, yellow, and high school image alternative, house, and indie image

she lives in a small town with her grandparents on long island near the beach. she's attending her last school year there after moving from virginia.

5. The fifth song is the relationship with their parents.

creep - phem (radiohead cover)

depressed, diary, and gay image bus, indie, and photography image

she didn't get along with her parents. they were disappointed in what she became which only made her spiral into a very dark place. their relationship became so bad she moved in with her grand parents.

6. The sixth song is the relationship with their siblings (if they have any, depends on your imagination).

she doesn't have any siblings !!

7. The seventh song is the relationship with their partner (if they have one, depends on your imagination).

think of you - bleached

the society and elle tomkins image city, girl, and hipster image

she fallen in love with a close friend of hers named samantha though she's unable to express those feelings because she's terrified of being vulnerable.

8. The eighth song is the relationship with their friends.

steal my bike - ryan leahan

fun and wild image grunge image

she honestly loves her friends with everything in her. they are probably the best thing to ever happen to her. whatever it is that they do (sneaking out, trips to the city, trespassing, etc.) they always do things together. spending her last school year on long island was the best decision she ever made. these people have given her unforgettable moments. <3


that's it! i hope u enjoyed my oc :D

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america, babe, and view image