We are the mix of the ones that surround us, this a simple way to explain how an identity it's formed, actually it's too much deeper than this.
Every person who had or have been in our lives, made us who we are. And you made me a better person, I'll be forever grateful for that. I know to put an end in what we have is terrible, and I'm suffer just much as you.
You made me so happy in those last months,you made me survive all this and believe in my potential again.
Your voice was my summer soundtrack.
You were my only reason to laugh in so many days, but also you were on of the reasons to cry; but those day that you made me cry are nothing compared, to the days that you made me feel as the happiest person alive.
You are my angel, dear Gabriel.
Unfortunately, the things are not like I want they to be and that's okay.
But know that I will always carry you in my heart, now one part of me is yours and I hope that it's mutual as everything we shared.