name : Elisabeth Routledge, John B’s twin sister

nickname : Eli

date of birth : 12th of june

zodiac sign : gemini

sexuality : straight

status : totally a Pogue

appearance :

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she is very tall and skinny, with brown hair and green eyes. she’s tan basically all the year and she has a dragon tattoo on the ankle

aesthetic :

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personnality :

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eli is kind of introvert but she really likes to party and meet people at the same time. she’s also very arrogant, which make her fight with her brother a lot. she loves smile and make her friends laugh.

home and room :

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her room is very pure, white with a lot of plants and flowers

style :

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eli wears a lot of oversize hoodies, and clothes in general but she also wears cute flower dresses and she loves doc martens more than anything

bikini :

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black, red or purle bikinis, and sometimes blue

midsummer party :

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a little satin white dress with OBVIOUSLY her doc martens

hobbies :

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surfing with the squad, partying, drawing and PIZZA

friends :

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john b of course, he’s her brother but also her best friend
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kiara is eli’s best friend before becoming the boys friends. they know each other for a long time
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pope is her partner in crime and a second brother. he likes eli like her sister and he’s always here for her
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elie doesn’t really likes Sarah because of what happened between her and Kiara but since she’s John B’s girlfriend, she tries to be nice and friendly with her because she knows John B really loves her

love interest :

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they tease each other all the time. they already kissed at a party but they never talk about more even if all the squad thinks they would look good together
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she dates for almost 3 months Sarah’s brother, but they broke up since elie was close to JJ

love y’all