I love writing tags on here, and this one sounded pretty nice, so, here we go:

ten things you want in your dream house
sunset and house image aesthetic, animal, and cat image
10. library
9. yard
8. colours
7. dancing room
6. near to the beach
5. fireplace
4. paintings
3. balcony
2. big windows
1. cats
nine things about your favourite season
orange, amelie, and indie image aesthetic and primary colors image
9. rain
8. wind
7. my birthday
6. cold, but not much
5. best colour pallete
4. hoodies
3. cuddles
2. tea
1. books
eight songs from your teen / childhood years
Guns N Roses, music, and vintage image guitar, grunge, and aesthetic image
8. all my love by led zeppelin
7. bohemian rhapsody by queen
6. paradise city by guns n roses
5. sweet child o' mine by guns n roses
4. viva la vida by coldplay
3. have you ever seen the rain by creedence clearwater revival
2. wanderwall by oasis
1. stairway to heaven by led zeppelin
seven qualities in a significant other
couple, girl, and lesbian image couple, love, and boy image
7. good sense of humor
6. smart
5. spontaneous
4. imaginative
3. dreamer
2. random
1. loving
six things you do in the morning
Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, angels, and cloud image
6. drink water
5. eat
4. procrastinate
3. study
2. listen to music
1. cuddle with my cat
five fictional characters you identify with
eboy, hipster, and indie image aesthetic, comfort, and girl image
5. beth from little women
4. alice from alice in wonderland
3. mitch from modern family
2. natacha from humiliated and insulted
1. stanley from it
four pet peeves you have
Image removed fire, teotfw, and aesthetic image
4. pessimism
3. indecision
2. not taking anything seriously
1. messing up my stuff
three colours that you wear the most
outfit and aesthetic image fashion, girl, and style image
3. green
2. red
1. black
two talents you wish you had
pink, art, and pastel image Image removed
2. painting
1. singing
one thing you’re looking forward to right now
blue, aesthetic, and school image skeleton, book, and medicine image
1. chemistry contest

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