these are some beauty tips that I consider effortless and that I use all the time. they take very minimal effort and make you look put together when you don't have much time or you just want to look effortlessly good.

hope you enjoy <3


No matter how you choose to style your hair it's always important that it's fresh, clean, and detangled. I wouldn't recommend washing it every day though, It will only strip your hair from necessary oils and make it dry and brittle. establish when you want to wash your hair, preferably only twice a week. I tend to do it on Sundays and Wednesdays, (or any other day I don't have that much to do) that way I can spend time ironing and styling my hair. You can also get away with doing it once a week depending on how oily your scalp gets.

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If you iron or curl your hair, make sure you do it after your hair is washed. That way it can last you the rest of the week until you wash your hair again, then you can wake up with good hair every day and all you have to do is brush through it. (it depends on your hair though, you might have to use hold sprays to keep it that way) Remember to use a heat protector. You can also use oils and serums. I love using argan oil on the ends of my hair to avoid excessive splitting.

a good way of doing your hair with minimal effort is wearing headbands and scrunchies, preferably in a dark color like black. or just put your hair up in a clasp.

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You only really need four steps: facewash, moisturizer, and sunscreen. but you can throw in a toner if you want. You can alternatively add serums, face masks, and peels into your nighttime routine. I love the ordinary's chemical peels, their AHA + BHA peeling solution is a different alternative to physically exfoliating your face.

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I would always finish off with sunscreen during the day as it minimizes photoaging from sun damage, even if it's a cloudy day. and leave the heavier creams and serums for nighttime that way your skin can absorb them while you sleep. for spot treatments, I like to use acne patches during the day and benzoyl peroxide cream at night.


I usually just wear concealer, mascara, and a tinted lip balm, anything that doesn't take up too much time. I also use an eyebrow pencil to quickly fill in any sparse areas. Sometimes I add blush eyeliner and lipgloss into the mix. The eyeliner has to be pencil and not liquid for a more natural look. Any natural non-makeup makeup look shouldn't take that long, and it's a great way of enhancing your natural beauty.

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You don't have to do anything bold. A simple polished and natural look is not only pretty but easy to maintain. Make sure you use a nail file to smoothen your nails out first. I find the more opaque the nail polish is the more you can get away with the bad application. I usually stick to an opaque light pink, barely-there polish that I reapply now and then.

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You can also wear darker colors or shimmery ones, just make sure your nails look well-groomed. I.e. no sharp edges, etc.


Wearing perfume can elevate your entire presence and look. I like to wear white florals, musk, and lavender. They tend to be great for daytime and they're not overwhelming while making you smell enchanting. My favorites are Narciso EdP by Narciso Rodriguez and Mon Guerlain by Guerlain. I also really like Pure Poison by Dior.

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Drinking matcha and green tea is said to benefit skin health over time. Some other ways you can easily elevate your look are by having good posture and getting enough sleep at night, drink enough water throughout the day, and make sure you don't overwork yourself! make sure to rest angels. and make sure you give off good vibes from within, it usually makes you glow and radiate natural beauty.

Thank you for reading and hope some of these tips inspired you <3