Hi deeeaars !

I’m so excited you can’t even imagine ! Today, big annoucement for me, a project I’ve been thinking about and working on for a whiiile : I’m launching WHI Mental Health Safe Place !


WHI Safe Place (shorter) is a collaborative account and writers team dedicated to taboo-less talk about mental health and self-care. Many subjects could be covered in our articles as dealing with anxiety, incertitude, perfectionnism, depression, eating disorders, etc but also how to give yourself more self-love.

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The Safe Place has no pretention to replace a therapist, of course ! Don’t hesitate to ask help to a professional or an association (free) if needed, that’s a serious advice. The purpose is to talk openly about mental health subjects that are often shut down, and give advices to more self-love, at our level. The account will also be a place for YOU to share your mental health journey and give other people how-to-deal-with advices.

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How can you be a part of it ?

~ Talk about your mental health journey

As I said, some articles will be dedicated to ear your story. How you dealt or are dealing with something and maybe give your own self-care tips for whoever live the same. You can post under your WHI name or, for sure, stay anonymous.

If you wanna share your story, send us a mail (whisafeplace@gmail.com) or complete this google form (https://forms.gle/MzNvZgEdHPwZiBdS9).

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~ Be a part of the Safe Place Team !

For now I’m alone in the team lol, but if you’re insterested in being part of this collaborative account, here’s a list of things you could do :


As a writer of the team you’ll propose and write articles on the subjects of your choice, still related to mental health. The posting schedule is one article per week so no pressure. You can also be a guest writer, just for one article.

Articles moderator

You guys job will be to collect the testimony received and prepare them to be posted. You’ll write the intro and outro of the articles and maybe shape the testimony received, add images, if it hasn’t been done.

Collection owner

If you’ve been through any mental health issues, I invite you to share images and articles that could help other people to overcome that, or learn how to live with it. For example there could be a collection about anxiety, perfectionism, an eating disorder, etc.

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You must speak fluent english to be a part of the team. I invite you to complete the Google Form just below if you’re interested :)


Deadline : August, 20th. And you’ll soon have a response after that :)

It’s possible to do multiple tasks for the team, if you want ! The goal is to post (at least) 1 time per week. No pressure on the rythm, cause I’m pretty busy already and I think we all are.

As the moderator the team, I’ll check before posting and post the articles.

Hope to see you soon as a part of the team !

Send you love,

- Astrid.