i don't really need to explain how this works but i wanna say that kard is an incredible group and they still don't have the appreciation they deserve. they will have a comeback soon so please support it

#09 ride on the wind

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i might have liked in the first two times i listened to this song but i don't know man.. i think it's the only kard song that i don't listen to constantly or at all lol i think it's because of my taste in music

#08 hola hola

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their first latin vibe is unforgettable i have to say, but like the opinion above i think i should have listened to this song more so that it could join my favorite ones

#07 oh nana

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before becoming a hidden kard i thought i heard this song everywhere i go so i tried to check their songs, but they were a rookie group.... it's such a good song to have fun like,, when you want to dance and not worry about what people say, that's the perfect song

#06 bomb bomb

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this song is insane??? i mean the dance, the vocals, those kids.... they are such talented people and this song showed me the "color" and "power" of kard, i think they found their thing to fit in the music industry with this one

#05 dumb litty

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this song is a rollercoaster because it was good when i listened but because i used to listen too much it got boring?? it doesn't make sense but i still love dumb litty with my whole heart

#04 red moon

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if you didn't listen to this anthem then go rn, and if you did you have a good taste. everything about red moon is perfect, e-girl jiwoo walked so the other e-girls could run

#03 rumor

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this is a masterpiece, seriously, everyone should listen to rumor, give their hard work a chance and especially this one. rumor used to be one my favorite songs but i think kard is like old wine getting better with the years

#02 don't recall

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JESUS CHRIST !! i had a conflict yeah don't recall is my favorite song in my heart but then.. i don't know what made me rank 2. don't recall is such a bop, the choreo is so perfect and i thank them because this one made me want to practice dance more

#01 you in me

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adding another comment in the opinion above : don't recall is my favorite song in my heart but then i think "you in me" has a different vibe, a dark and mature one? and it's unique, i listened to this song a million times and no other song came to my mind