1. If you could only use one drugstore brand, what would it be?

Maybelline - It's so easy to create a whole look with their products and they are great quality. Some of their products I love even more than higher end brands.

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2. What’s the most underrated drugstore brand?

Essence - I feel like people don't take it seriously because of how cheap it is, but it's seriously so good! Some of the face products are a bit hit or miss but their lip products, eye products and nail polishes are amazing for their price.

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3. What’s the most overrated drugstore brand?

E.L.F - People seem to rave about e.l.f products but i've never been super impressed by them. They have some good products but it's nothing special and you can definitely find a lot better at the drugstore.

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4. What drugstore brand do you think is overpriced?

Revlon - Maybe it's only in Australia but Revlon products range from $15 for a crappy pencil to $40 on an average foundation. They charge almost high end prices for mediocre drugstore quality items and it's ridiculous.

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5. Drugstore brand you used to love but aren’t crazy about anymore?

Rimmel - I used to love Rimmel when I was a teenager but as I got better at makeup I realised their foundation actually looked super cakey and orange. The rest of their products I found I can get better versions from Maybelline.

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6. What is a hidden gem from the drugstore that no one talks about?

Maybelline Master Primers - Literally no one has heard of this product and it's crazy because they are so good. They apply beautifully to the skin and create a perfect base for foundation. The hydrating one is also amazing for dry skin.

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7. What is a drugstore product everyone talks about that you hate?

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - I know I love Maybelline products but this is one I hate so much. It is so clumpy and spidery yet everyone seems to love it. It also makes my eyes burn and it smudges everywhere.

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8. What’s your favourite drugstore product?

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer - Literally the greatest concealer to ever exist. It blurs all imperfections, covers dark circles and blends flawlessly.

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9. What's your least favourite drugstore product?

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation - I'm so sorry Maybelline but this product is absolutely awful, unless you want to look like a caked up pumpkin. It's so thick, yet somehow slides around your face and looks so orange.

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10. What products do you tend to buy more at the drugstore vs. high-end?

Foundations - Drugstore foundations are so much better than high end foundations and so much more affordable. Why would I spend $60 on a foundation when I could get something just as great for $15?

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11. What’s your favourite drugstore dupe?

Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder > MAC Studio Fix Powder - The Australis powder is only $16 and the MAC powder is $55. They have pretty much the same packaging (minus the mirror on the Australis one) and the products feel exactly the same.

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12. Drugstore product you didn’t expect to like but totally wowed you?

L'oreal True Match Foundation - I heard so many good reviews about it but I felt like it was just being super overhyped...until I tried it. The formula is so nice, it looks so natural but covers all your blemishes. It really is worth all the hype everyone talks about it.

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