i am turning 22 tomorrow and i quite just want to talk it out
in my last day as a 21 yo i just want to show myself what i`ve done this year that is worth talking about.. i want to always read this article whenever i open this app! i want me to see how stong i am and how much i should be proud of myself to surrvive it all on my own!

it is rather i want me to see whenever i feel low about myself!
so here is a list of what o have accomplished in my life and totally kicked its ass BUT FIRST LISTEN TO cigar - tamino

we shall begin
1. 2 tumors were removed from my body and my recovery process took more than it should but i survived that and got healthier
2. I started the job that i thought i would never ever do! i made lots of connections throughout this job, connections that made people`s jaws deop when they heard about!
3. I kinda broke free from my introverted personality and started making friends with variable people and that really really got into liking me
4. Me and my ex bestfriend came back to be really good friends once again and have plenty of conversations. Yes we ain`t as close as we were but it is nice to have her back in my life
5. Got back on track with my italian learning and i am very determained to be as fluent as i can be in it
6. read the book on the shelf and got the book that i have always wanted to buy
7. Which is quite tthe biggest.. i let go of the person i loved the most. yeah he lied to me, hid hid gf from me, hid his whole life from me actually nbut i never loved him less, everyday my love for him was growing bigger and bigger, maybe this is what being a bestfriend is about.
maybe i understood the concept of being a bestfriend wrong.. maybe real bestfriends hide,, maybe i overshared aand that made him infurier to me!
i never thought i would ever be able to let go of him. But what i am sure of that this is what he waants the most. he just wanted me to leave
TO FUTURE ME: don`t be sad when he does not wish you a happy birthday. he is happy in his life and this is what you need to know and the most important is that i survived from his moral licening

damn that was depressing, BACK TO MYYYYY LLIISSSTTT

8. I have graduated college and i am literally a free educated humanbeing that kicked ass of her studies and loojing for a far better job and far better oppertunities
9. i started them online courses that i have been delaying for too long so basically o am getting back on my feet
10. i caught on liking someone for the first time in a really long time but yeah it would never work out but we will seeeeeeeee
11. i found out that amir exists and hell yeah this is an accoomplishments yaaaaalllll
12. i became closer to a person that really cares about me and i really love her and i still cant believe that she actually considers me a close friend. to be honest i cant imagine my life now without her by myside
13. i never thought i would be able to post something like that online but here i am doing it because this is the only way that would make me remember how strong i am
14. it might be my biggest flex, but i got closer to my momma which is something i never thought it would happen to me. i founf our common language and we now are more than just a mother and a daughter, we are friends
15. i gained way too much knowladge ober the past year that makes everybody go shockedd wwhen they hear words coming out of my mouth
16. i know now i ain`t a terrible person as i thought i was, i am doing great and i am doing my best at least
17. i have had idinentity issues for way too long and i am quite starting to find myself or to find my purpose in life, losing my bestfriend and graduating college oddly had a big factor on this process
18. i am convinced know that because i am a woman in the middle east, that particularly does not mean that i have to be the baby machine them people would want me to me
19. i know me and i know what i want to do when i meet the right one
20. i am accepting people who actually start liking me, i would take matter into my own hands and stop listening to what other people say
21. i became friends with my enemy you can say
23. i lost up to13 kgs

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