Hi everyone ! I'm back again for another article. This article will show my answers to all the frequently asked questions to me as a We Heart It user. I might change my answer to one of the questions one day because like what they say, "nothing lasts forever". So yeah let's start !

☁️ : : FAQ

1.) Where are you from ?
• I'm from Philippines.

2.) Are you using Amino Apps ? If so, what communities are you in ?
• Yes, I use that app whenever I'm free. I'm also in PYKA,PACA,PKA and many more

3.) What We Heart It channel/s do you like the most ?
• K-Pop,Celebrities and Fashion.

4.) How Did You Find We Heart It ?
• You know in the Amino app, there's a lot of users who makes really aesthetic themes/edits and I always see those "(name) on we heart it" watermarks and decided to search for this app and I decided to download it and learn about the app.

5.) How old are you and what's your real name ?
• I'd rather not to answer this question for my privacy but my internet name is Yukki/Yukkiguin07.

I'm also in high school and my real name starts with M.

6. ) How do you get followers ?
• There's no really specific answer for that question but I made an article sharing some tips to gain followers based from my experiences but I'm not sure if it will be applicable for everyone but there will always be a way :)

7. ) What time are you usually online on We Heart It ?
• I don't use We Heart It at specific times but I often use We Heart It whenever I have a free time and do my best to be as active as possible.

☁️ : : OUTRO
So yeah, thank you so much for reading this article and hopefully your questions about me is answered through this article but if you have any questions/concerns, feel free to pm me. My We Heart It account will also be provided below through a link. Stay safe everyone !💕