Heyou buddies! :) Today I wanted to introduce you to what summer looks in Poland, at least for me and also what reminds me of summer from my childhood. I live in a small city, so I'm sure it'll be different than in a village or larger town. Let me walk You through the whole summery day, and enjoy the aesthetics!


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Wakey wakey! Let's wake up early, so we can get productive, you may want to take nice photos, but careful ! There's high possibility you might bump into your parents going out for work.


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Main religion in Poland is Catholicism


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aah yes, the beautiful smell and the delicious taste of a fresh mint tea sweeten with honey - mmmm childhood


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when you think about flowers, you may also think about spring. but ! there are some specific flowers that are an inseparable part of the hot days in here like poppies, cornflowers or camomiles


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this is like a definition of my hoemland in summer. the smell gives you unforgettable feeling of vacations People here often live by growing crops


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...sugar hiiiigh After a hot day, it's nice to have some refreshing fruits and 4 me it's a watermelon inside of watermelon (if u know that one you're a homie)


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it may not me the most relatable thing but because i have birthday in august, it's inherent thing in the summer. for it being more relatable you can think of it just like of a party


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imagine a hard day filled with physical work in sun, you're sweaty or you went biking with friends/family, then you come back, get shower, eat something delicious and you just lay in bed and relax


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a.k.a the main basic vacation trio


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the atmosphere - it's just unexplainable feeling of the sun, dust and slow summer day

Thank you for coming by, I hope you'll have a great day, byyyeeeeeeeee!

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