I'm finally back with an update! This was meant to be up on Monday (yesterday) but it ended up being quite late, and because I promised to keep a normal sleep schedule I couldn't upload. Slightly ironic but it's here now!

This article is basically just a short progress update to introduce you to my marking system.

The Promises

1. Exercise every morning

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The first day I planned to do Chloe Ting's 2 week ab workout because I'd heard a lot of people talking about it.I was really dreading it, but the workout itself wasn't too bad and later on I felt really good for getting through it.

If you're considering starting to work out, do it! Not necessarily to change your body, but for how rewarding it feels to have gone through the workout.

[ ✓ ] completed

2. Study (languages) daily

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After working out I did some German flashcards straight away so they'd be out of the way. BUT that wasn't the end. I still had Latin. If any of you take a Latin class, my heart honestly goes out to you because I just don't really like Latin.

However, the Latin work really tested my enthusiasm for the 7 day challenge. I didn't get much of it done but I managed to start. As long as I can get through the rest today without procrastinating it should be okay.

[ - ] half completed

3. Read for 30 minutes

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I read for 10 minutes, since I didn't have much time for this task yesterday. Today I'll read for 50 minutes and salvage my progress.

[ ✗ ] incomplete

4. Keep a decent sleep schedule

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This is usually really hard for me, but for the past 2 days I've managed to be in bed before 10:30pm and wake up at 7am. It's made me feel a lot more awake and ready for the rest of the tasks.

Although 10:30pm really is starting to border more on the 'late' side so I'd like this to go down to 10pm for tomorrow.

[ ✓ ] completed


[ 2½ / 4 ] tasks completed

It's not entirely what I hoped but this just means I'll have to try harder today. It was only the first day of the challenge, so I can't expect myself to change instantly. Again, if everything goes like how I'm hoping it will, the next article will be up later today.

Next time: Since this one was more of an overview, the next article will focus on what I've learned about habits and routines and how you can build one.

Thank you for reading and I hope this article motivated you a little!

Love, Blue

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