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name: claire eliza lune
birthday: may 11th
star sign: taurus
height: 5'7
era: the marauders era

blood status

harry potter and halfblood image


girl, Letter, and sleep image fireplace, fire, and gryffindor image Image by Private User quotes, Dream, and brave image
gryffindor; "wild, daring and just. a backbone as strong as the currents in the oceans. not fearless but brave; courage, a sharp knife clutched against the throat of fear itself."


girl, hair, and aesthetic image freckles, aesthetic, and tumblr image eye image aesthetic, ulzzang, and korean image
tall with thick brunette hair, warm eyes, and freckles across the nose.


aesthetic, fashion, and girls image fashion, girl, and instagram image fashion, style, and girl image bed, chillin, and comfy image
light academia/prep; oversized sweaters, collared shirts, loose dresses, jeans, gold jewelry, etc


why, text, and quotes image quotes, paris, and love image aesthetic image AF1, air force, and calculator image
sensitive, stubborn, argumentative, curious, intelligent, sharp-witted, kind, tolerant, quick to temper, bold, etc


bibliophile, blue, and bram stoker image ballet, dance, and ballerina image art, painting, and paint image harry potter, hp, and minimi image
ballerina, seeker for the gryffindor quidditch team, painter, etc


wolf, animal, and art image boys, people, and sexy image daisy, ginger, and pretty image Image by my heart badass, beautiful, and Gotham image aesthetic, music, and old image
remus lupin, lily evans, & marlene mckinnon

love interests

boy, boys, and dimple image Image by Resthi Rismarini Putri
amos diggory; briefly dated throughout 4th year
edit, fandom, and harry potter image deer, animal, and nature image
james potter; best friends since the start of 1st year, began dating late 6th year after james recognized his feelings. (sorry not sorry lily)

yule ball

dress and fashion image Couture, haute couture, and dress image
basil soda couture f/w โ€˜12 dress


cat, pet, and aesthetic image cat, breed, and kitten image
a siamese cat, pluto, named after the roman god of the underworld and riches.
barn owl, owl, and wild animals image chouette image
& a barn owl named penny


harry potter, magic, and slytherin image harry potter, wand, and ollivanders image
redwood wood with a phoenix feather core, 13 ยพ" and hard flexibility


harry potter, hp, and fantastic beasts image harry potter, fantastic beasts, and occamy image


black and white, night, and sad image come back, quotes, and writing image

favorite class

moon, black, and aesthetic image art, astrology, and astronomy image aesthetics, dark, and grunge image beautiful, beauty, and space image


aesthetic, edited, and feed image harry potter, quidditch, and hogwarts image aesthetic, Hot, and kpop image Image by Tahire62
vanilla, cinnamon, quidditch broom wax (because of james), and the smell of fresh rain.

favorite places

architecture, hogwarts, and baroque image Image by Private User Image removed fireplace, fire, and gryffindor image
quidditch pitch, astronomy tower, common room, & hogsmeade


fan, harry potter, and photo image hands, black and white, and photography image
auror for the ministry of magic

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