Hello!! I know we are all stuck inside so here's a lil playlist that makes it feel like summer.

1.) DUMDi DUMDi by (G)-idle

dance, gif, and gidle image
This song is really different concept for the girls but it's a summer bop!

2.) Summer Breeze by SF9

gif, mv, and kpop image
This whole album is so good, listen to it you won't regret it!

3.) Happy by Taeyeon

gif, happy, and mv image
I don't know if this is considered summer but a good vibe song for sure!

4.) Mixtape : On Track by Straykids

8, kpop, and music image
pls I love stray kids this song is so cute and the mv omg

6.) Mayday (Feat. Joy) By Crush

crush, joy, and mayday image
ok crush keeps releasing bops

7.) Come to me by Kyung dasom

kpop kyung dasom image
Her voice is so pretty and such a summery bop!

8.) Pool by WOODZ, SUMIN/ POOL[pul:l]

kpop, csy, and x1 image
I feel like you'd play this walking on the beach at night looking at the stars

9.) Atlantis Princess by BOL4

flower, kpop, and pink image
This song is so upbeat is makes me so happy

10.) Good Lil boy by ATEEZ

choreography, jongho, and ateez image
Makes me want to run away to the beach with my friends

If anyone has good song recommendations message me pls ty!! :)