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Finding the motivation to do tasks on my schedule has always been a struggle for me. I am a lazy person in nature, although people tend to be under the impression that I am hardworking. There are some tips that I would like to share with you today which make me feel more motivated without sacrificing my emotional well-being.

Alternate Between Serious Tasks & Hobbies

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Whenever you lack energy, a good way to combat sluggishness is to take a break. Use the break to focus on something else that you enjoy, and when that something makes you feel happier, go back to the work you must get done. Bringing the happiness that you’ve gained from your hobby and redirecting it to a serious task will make the task much easier to do. Remember to not feel guilty for taking breaks because they are extremely important. (Without them, burnout can occur.)

Find Meaning in the Things You Do

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Even the smallest of tasks serve a purpose in your life. If you pay attention to what you are learning or earning from everything you do, you will feel more motivated because you have now acknowledged the value that comes with your actions.

Strive for Self-Improvement

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Try putting yourself in a positive headspace. Even if the task you’ve been reluctant to start or complete is mundane, reshape your thinking so that your attention is on how you will grow as an individual after you’ve overcome whatever it is. Perhaps you will have nurtured the qualities of patience and perseverance after dealing with a long homework assignment, or you will have gotten better stamina from running a mile per day. Just see the task as an opportunity to improve something about yourself and keep that at the forefront of your mind.

Surround Yourself With Inspiration

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This is a tip I use a lot. Sometimes, all it takes is a role model to keep you going. When you have an idol who you aspire to be like, such as a fictional character or a public figure, things may be easier to accomplish. For example, if you know of a blogger who has worked hard to build the life they’ve always dreamed of, you may be inspired to work just as hard and apply their methods to your own life. Also, this is We Heart It! The app was designed to inspire, so spending a bit of time checking out the right photos and quotes should lift your spirits. I know I’ve mentally benefited so much from using WHI, so I encourage you to not give up on discovering posts and accounts that nourish your soul.

Remember That Waiting Doesn’t Make Work Disappear

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As much as procrastinating feels like the easiest thing to do when you have time, you can’t forget that less stress now means a greater amount of unhealthy stress later. As responsible as I try to be, I find myself surrendering to procrastination every once in a while. I pull myself out of being lazy by simply doing without thinking excessively about how difficult, boring, or demanding a chore or assignment may be. A mantra that has been effective for me is, “Start Now.”

I truly hope that the advice in this article will be able to help you going forward! Thanks for reading.

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