hi! I hope that you're staying safe and are doing well :D
no one probably noticed but I've been writing so many articles recently. I've had so much creativity lately so I'm taking advantage of it while it lasts lol.

the worst time of the year is about to start later on this month. hopefully we all have a great school year!

always try my best and get straight A's

I do get straight As. I have always tried my best to get As but I never worked hard enough for them. I worked enough to get an A which is easy if you do your homework, pay attention in class, and study for tests. but I want to do more than getting an A, I want to actually learn. I want to do that by actually learning and not memorizing, correcting my mistakes, actually do my hw without the help of the internet, and pay strict attention in class.

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stop procrastinating

everyone procrastinates but I take it to another level. I want to finish my work before I slack off. not slacking off at all is impossible but I want to finish my work before I do. I'm going to try to use planners, more stationery, and sticky notes.

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complete my college essays by the end of september

I am a high school senior this year. I want to finish my college essays completely by the end of september so I have enough time to revise and get them looked over my teachers. I am really stressed about essays so I want to have enough time to actually evaluate them and perfect them.

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improve my french

I am in my fourth year of french this year. I am TERRIBLE at french. I want to actually perfect my french this year by studying and trying my best. one of my goals is to study abroad in france so I really need to improve my french. french is so hard, I never thought that it was going to be so hard lol.

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manage my time better

I want to have enough time for other things beside school. obviously school is super important this year but I want to have enough time to take care of myself. I also want to have enough time to work out, bake, paint, and enjoy life. this can be only accomplished by not procrastinating lol.

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thank you for reading!

I hope that you all have a great school year. this school year is obviously going to be very different and somewhat sad. I hope that things do get better so we can go to school irl second semester because this was supposed to be my senior year. I do understand that staying home is more important but I do want to experience senior year with my friends.

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