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favorite band

One Direction

Image removed one direction, zayn malik, and liam payne image

the celebrity you would marry, if you were given the chance

Tom Hiddleston <3

tom hiddleston image tom hiddleston image

the celebrity you would turn gay/lesbian for


rihanna image rihanna and riri image

your favorite rapper


icon, icons, and bbno$ image bbno$ image

a celebrity whose hair you would like to have

Alicia Silverstone

Image removed Clueless, 90s, and alicia silverstone image

a celebrity you would like to kiss in a movie scene

Chris Evans

telephone and chris evans image chris evans image

a celebrity you would love to trade lives with

Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner, Kendall, and jenner image kendall jenner, model, and beauty image

your favorite disney star


zendaya image zendaya and smile image

a celebrity you would love to be best friends with

Harry Styles

aesthetic, wallpaper, and lockscreen image Harry Styles, one direction, and black and white image

a band / artist that you like, that aren't worldwide famous yet

Las villa

bogota, life, and video image Image by Isabella

an actress / actor from your favorite tv show

Benedict cumberbatch

221B Baker Street, gun, and sherlock image benedict cumberbatch image

the celebrity you would do anything to meet

Louis Tomlinson

louis tomlinson image sun, louis tomlinson, and louis tomlinson cute image

an artist / band whose concert you would love to go to

Lana del rey/ Niall Horan

️lana del rey image 1d, liam payne, and niall horan image

your favorite actress

Troian Bellisario

pretty little liars, spencer hastings, and troian bellisario image troian bellisario and pll image

your favorite songwriter

Zayn Malik

zayn, zayn malik, and mind of mine image bae, Hot, and man image

the celebrity whose voice you would love to have


Image by Latefa Anwr Adele and red image

the celebrity whose wardrobe you'd love to own

Emma Chamberlain

emma chamberlain and yellow image strp, rp models, and emma chamberlain image

the celebrity you would love to bring back to life

Princess Diana

princess diana and princess image princess diana image

the celebrity you would love to have over for dinner

Liam Payne

aesthetic, pretty, and wallpaper image liam payne, one direction, and boy image

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