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Hello all you guys, gals and non binary pals.So today I have been inspired by some friends of mine and the lovely people over @WHITheRevolution


to make a post abut think that could be changed and.or added to make WHI a better place for it's users. I have been on the site on several accounts since around 2014 on and off so I have a lot of input on the matter. So with all that being said lets get into it.

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Recognised Writers Badge

Personally as a writer, newly on here but for years in notebooks and on other sites like Wattpad and AO3, I have seen people get less and less motivated since WHI have taken away the "Recognised Writers Badge". As a writer I have found out that a lot of other writers, myself, like to work to a goal and with no goal in sight it can be quite a hard thing. Some writers just like the idea that their writing will be seen even if only by a few people, some don't put in full effort if they don't have a goal. My goal if you are wondering is to not only get my writing out there no matter the amount of people to see it, but to also connect with like minded individuals. I have already met some amazing people through posting and joining writing teams. Not only that but think about how you would feel if you had something that made you motivated for it to just be taken away from you like it was nothing, not even in terms of writing but anything. I am also a photographer because I like to take photos of things and my main motivation, especially at the minute with the pandemic, is nature and even in the winter months I feel less motivated. So if winter was a year round seasons meaning spring, summer and autumn was taken from me I would be broken and not motivated to even try too keep up with the photography.

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Recently, I have been seeing less and less original content. Whether that is actually plagiarised content or everyone seemingly posting the same tags (Whats In My Bag, anything on skincare, If I Was, My Top 10 etc). I am not excluding myself out of this either because I know I have some content planned that may seem "copied/jumping on the bandwagon", however there is only so much I can post that is original content as I am a new writer on here. It is because I am a new writer that I feel the need to hop on all the old trends like the If I Was.... ect plus I really like that type of content. Aside from that there is nothing that really challenges the community to write or be original the most recent I have seen like this was by one of my friends. @out_for_a_walk_b7tch made a the book tropes tag I took part in.

I also think that they should bring out a feature that would make it so you are able to write articles on your phone. It would be significantly easier and more convenient.

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Search Collection Button

Following on from being able to write articles on the phone app, I wish that they would make a search collection button or something of the like available for the web browser. On the phone app there is a way to search fore one of your specific collections but that feature is yet to reach the online site. It gets annoying for me and I only have 25 collections, so I can only imagine what it is like for someone who has 50, 100, or more.

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Private Collections

I think the only main thing Pinterest, the website/app most like WHI, has over WHI is the fact you can make private collections. It would be amazing to be able to make collections private for things you may not want everyone to see, or if it dosent fit your feed anymore. I am very lucky in that aspect I have no rhyme or reason to my theme or what I post as that really isn't me at all but others only heart specific things.

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Writing Articles

I am in no way bashing the current way of writing articles as I clearly still love it as I write them but I think that it would be more beneficial to be able to write multiple drafts and have them saved. This is so that people can see what they have started on and do not need to go back and forth on another document (like google docs for example). I also think that along with saving many drafts that it could be beneficial to somehow have a system in place where you can schedule posts to be posted. I am one for mass writing posts and then posting them on different days, so for me it would be better to have a way to schedule posts to be uploaded instead of uploading them myself as I often forget for a few weeks at a time.

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Comment Section

Along the same lines as writing articles, I think there should be a feature that allows readers to leave comments on them. There have been many times I have wanted to comment on an article because it inspired me or because I had some questions on it, but I couldn't. The messages and postcards features are whack, many people also don't often have anyway of contacting them anywhere either so I have been in a pickle.

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The Latest Section

I would also like to give a passing mention to the latest section. When you open up the app or even the website the articles that are promoted to you are all written by the WHI team I have noticed. If you click for more that is when you can see articles wrote by other members. I think it would be lovely to see some member articles in this section as well/instead of the WHI Team.

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Better Communication

The communication on the website/app is shocking both for people on here to communicate with other users and the fact the WHI Team clearly do not listen to it's users much, if at all. Improving communication could just be as simple as fixing the messaging system, re establishing specific badges, giving creators on here a spotlight (a feature in a article, a shoutout something like that). It would be nice to have a proper communication with users as well as the WHI Team themselves so we know what the hell is going on.

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Thank you all for reading to the end. If you did enjoy, please could you like the article and maybe follow me or my article collection for more articles like this one.

In the mean time remember stay safe and I love you. Byeeee.


XOXO Paige