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Golden Crown Academy is a prestigious all-girls college and one of the best wizarding schools in the land. Each student is sorted into a dorm reflecting their personality and skills, and each dorm has a prefect that keeps things in order.
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An enchanted book as old as time selects the students. It shows the faces of those worthy to enter the academy and a letter is sent to those students once they graduate middle school/junior high. Turning down the invitation is acceptable.


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White Rabbit: the students of this dorm are creative and bright. They excel in subjects such as Alchemy and the Fine Arts.
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Lilac Sparrow: the students of this dorm are tranquil and kind. They excel in Magical Zoology and Herbology.
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Golden Tiger: the students of this dorm are meticulous and strong. They excel in subjects such as Ancient Runes and Curses. As well as physical educated classes.
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Scarlet Butterfly: the students of this dorm are elusive and quite mysterious. They excel in subjects such as Magical Charms and Summoning.

Staff Members

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Elise Leonheart, the headmistress and a very powerful witch. As beautiful as she is, she possesses an old soul and is rumored to be an ancient being.
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Ella Cinderbell, a shy but kindhearted young woman who has a soft spot for small creatures. She teaches Magical Charms, Astrology, and Magical Practice/General Magic.
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Marissa Amphitrite, a fun loving and laidback teacher who has unique curiosity and compassion for the world. She teaches History, Ancient Runes, and Ancient Curses
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Alistair Mistwisp, a quiet and odd man who gives a rather threatening aura, but he has a soft spot for children. He teaches Alchemy, Herbology, and Summoning.
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A set of dwarf brothers who bicker to no end: Harry, Hubert, and Holden Woodley. The 3 of them teach Magical Zoology, Physical Education, and Music.


  • Artworks
  • Theater
  • Equestrian
  • Film
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Fashion
  • Griffin Racing
  • Wildlife
  • Baseball
  • Basketball

Other Locations of GCA

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Average everyday magic classrooms for the students & teachers.
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The PE Field where the students exercise & practice sports, such as Griffin Racing, Horse Racing, and Baseball.
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The Ballrooms are where the school holds special events & parties celebrating a holiday or school events.
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The Mirror/Transportation Chamber where the students can travel between their homes & the school.
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The horse stables are where they keep the racing horses for the Equestrian club. They do keep a handful of griffins here but only the ones that get along well with the horses.