I hope that you all are doing well, I wasn't planning on writing honestly but I noticed that some people still don't know what happened in Beirut, Lebanon this week.

First of all, my Profile Picture The Cedar tree represents eternity, steadiness, happiness right on the white block to stand for purity and peace surrounded by two red blocks for the blood that was shed for freedom.
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You probably can't even see Lebanon on this map unless you closeup to the max (right in the heart of the Middle East), so imagine that this tiny country especially compared with others, has suffered the third greatest explosion in the world.
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What started as a small fire that got the firefighters turned into the death of hundreds and thousands of injures and more were left homeless and others are to this day missing
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But what inspires me is the amount of love these people have for their country, with the loss, sadness, and fear they stood up the next day and went marching for the lost lives and got all the damage on the street cleaned out.
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So let's take this opportunity to pray for them, to pray to have this much strength inside us and most importantly for a better world for all the good hearts out there.
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These are some links for donations for Lebanon
A Disclamer petitions don't work in the middle east so the only way to help is by praying and donating, thank you.

Its best to donate through a non-governmental website to assure that the money will be sent to the people in need.

Stay Safe

Stay Strong


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