It's THAT time of the year again, and it just SUCKS. Going back to schools just SUCKS.
I'm going to be a junior this year, and if you think you have it hard, I moved to the US last year, started at a completely new school where I didn't know ANYBODY, had to leave all my old friends and family behind and start my life from scratch and it was probably one of the worst years of my life, but I somehow managed to survive, so here I am, ready again to endure another endless year of torture called high school.

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The truth is that if you're not popular or have a close group of friends, your high school experience is probably gonna suck, and it won't be ANYTHING like the movies. I've already accepted this fact, and honestly, there isn't much I can do to make my high school experience better, since Corona decided she was here to stay, I'm gonna do online classes for the entire spring semester and meeting people and making friends through zoom doesn't really excite me.

So I've compiled a few things YOU can start doing to make your high school experience a bit more relevant and bearable.

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1. Set goals
Not those boring school goals, like "I'm gonna finish the year with straight A's", but self-growing goals like:

  • Make a friend in each class.
  • Find the perfect nickname for all the teachers.
  • Skip my first class just to sleep more, at least once.
  • Get wasted with my friends, at least once.
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Your get it, REAL, ACHIEVABLE goals that probably your parents wouldn't approve of, just don't go toooo over the line, be safe.

2. Go to Starbucks

Not just GO to Starbucks and buy a strawberry refresher, if you're doing online school you can definitely take your classes from a coffee shop and you'll probably look super boss and smart. (And maybe you'll meet there this super cute guy/girl and you'll have your little Watt-pad moment) (AND PLEASE WEAR A MASK)

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3. Dress up

Not in like a costume or super fancy gown. I mean actually take a shower before class starts and get ready, it does really make a difference and it will feel like you're actually going to school.

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4. Put on headphones and blast music while you take a walk

As soon as the bell rang I would put on my headphones and play super loud music and walk through the hallways pretending I was in a coming-of-age indie film and honestly it was the highlights of my days, but since I don't have a hallway to walk dramatically through anymore, storming out of my house will have to do.

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These are some songs for that specific moment and vibe.

5. Journal about your days

Just grab an old notebook, put the date on top, play some indie music and rant about your day, the good, the bad & the worse. I've been journaling for a while and I honestly love it, you don't have to do it everyday, just write whatever's on your mind. It helps to feel less stressed of anxious and it'll be really cool when you read those entries again in a few years and see how far you've come.

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Thank you so much for reading (if anybody actually read the whole thing, thank you)
High school does suck for most of us, but let's make it less sucky and try to enjoy it, feel free to come to me and rant about why you ca't wait for school to be over.

C. <33