I have never started a poem whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.
-Robert Frost

They Don't Understand

I can't do this anymore

I lie on the floor

Wishing I was gone


far away

in a different world

The others try to help

they don't understand

they can't understand what I feel

what they did

what they do

I wish I fought them

but they are stronger

know my every weakness

know how I work

how I feel

how I deal with the pain

that contorts my face

I don't know me anymore

who I am

who I was

who I'll be

I'm doomed

Destined for destruction

you try to help

you don't understand who I am

you can't understand

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I am Ghost

I'm never seen
I'm never found
they never listen
they never know

They only care when it's them that's helped
they've never hurt
never felt

I am ghost

I watch over all
I see what others don't
what others can't
what others refuse
I hear everything
good and bad
pretty and ugly

I know these things
I write them
Feel them

I live these things through others
I know how they feel
For I am them
For I am Ghost

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