The thought of forgetting is scary in it of its own. Perhaps the more I try not to forget, the more damage I do to the memories that exist in my head.

The only place you still live and breathe.

I think about your scent. Honestly, I can't remember it. I can only smell my baby Johnson lotion and the look of fondness on your face when you told me you loved my baby scent.

Your eyes, how could I ever forget them. You held your own ocean in your eyes, calming and more beautiful than any of the ones I've visited. They were always gentle, made up of blues no artist could ever mix.

Your hair was always silky. The color of melted gold between my fingers as you rest your head on my chest and fall asleep to the sound of my heartbeat.

Your warmth was like the sun. You were my sun. Bringing warmth to my coldness of my life, bringing hope and joy when I had none. The center of my universe.

How could I ever forget you?