Hey everybody! I've been in a quarantine/lockdown for 150 days. That's...honestly crazy. Almost half the year and I've been in quarantine. I'm going out a little more often than I used to but for the most part I spend all day at home. And it's...boring. Here's how my day usually goes.

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7:00 AM

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Wake up and turn off my alarm. I usually snooze for about five minutes.

7:05 AM

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Get out of bed, arrange the bedsheets and pillows, and wash my face with water in the bathroom. I take out my retainer and clean it, change into activewear, and put my hair back.

7:20 AM

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Journal time. I journal about my thoughts, feelings, the previous day, my worries, my goals- just whatever is on my mind.

7:30 AM

fitness and body image yoga, fitness, and split image

Workout. I've increased my workouts to about 40 minutes per day with a 10 minute stretch routine to make sure I can still do the splits.

8:20 AM

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Pray. I like to read my Bible, check the daily verse, read my devotional, and pray in the morning after I exercise. It helps my body calm down a little after working so hard and releases any mental/emotional tension.

8:40 AM

beauty, skincare, and products image beauty, chanel, and cosmetics image
Skincare routine and regular clothes. I do my simple three step skincare routine (cleanse, moisturize, sunblock) and sometimes add a serum or spot treatment if I need it. Then I get into regular clothes and fix my hair.

8:50 AM

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I empty and load the dishwasher, make some green tea, and eat a breakfast of fruit (usually watermelon) and an egg on whole wheat toast.

9:10 AM

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Morning walk. To get in more steps and miles, I walk about 1.2 miles from my house on this road in the forest. It's pretty peaceful but I have to walk in the morning or else it'll be too hot later. I make sure to water my plants when I get back home.

9:40 AM

study and school image lifestyle, books, and homework image
Tutoring session. I've been doing some tutoring for the UNICEF club I'm part of. I tutor math mainly and I've been getting into though admittedly I'm rather impatient and I'm not great with kids.

10:15 AM

gif, Korean Drama, and kdrama image
K-drama time. I'm watching "Thirty But Seventeen" right now which is surprisingly good? I wasn't expecting it to be this awesome but I literally want to binge it because it's so funny. I'm not a rom-com person but I literally smile the entire 30 minutes of each episode.

10:45 AM

study, book, and work image inspiration, university, and books image
Spanish practice, studying, college prep. I wish I could say I actually study but I'm kind of lazy right now and I'm a big procrastinator in the summertime. I try to get in some Spanish practice on SpanishDict or Duolingo and go over my Calculus work or do college research and profiles but admittedly I'm not super motivated.

11:30 AM

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Since my blender broke a few weeks ago I've been eating whatever leftovers or snacks are laying around these days. I used to smoothie bowls all the time but I've resorted to anything that I can find. When my new blender comes I'll get back into my fruity lunches.

12:00 PM

girl, hands, and music image piano, aesthetic, and black image
Piano. Thankfully I'm still somewhat motivated to practice piano. I only practice for about 25 minutes. Because of the pandemic, I had to stop lessons, so I've been toying with Mozart and Debussy music but it hasn't gone anywhere.

12:30 PM

fortnite image call-of-duty-crack image
Fortnite or Call of Duty. For those that don't know, I actually really like video games, especially CoD and Fornite. I don't know why but I really love those games and I play them for several hours each day. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, but for at least two hours, I play.

2:30 PM

summer, girl, and hair image book, cozy, and coffee image
Reading or Instagram. I hate the afternoon. I mean, I'm so unproductive in the afternoon. I spend about two hours each day scrolling through Instagram endlessly which is a waste of time. I used to read seriously each day but I'm not into the book I'm reading right now- "Their Eyes Were Watching God"- so I'm unmotivated.

4:30 PM

iphone, pink, and yellow image friends, bff, and best friends image
Zoom call with friends. My friends and I often organize Zoom calls in the evening around this time to catch up, talk, and vent. I think we're all sick of our families and of quarantine so it's a nice breather.

6:00 PM

food, noodles, and recipe image food, pasta, and delicious image
Dinner. I eat different food for dinner each day but right now it's a whole lot of fresh produce from the orchard near my home. I've been baking a lot more lately. I made a peach coffee cake on Saturday and pumpkin muffins on Thursday.

6:30 PM

Image by arizona. girls, grunge, and outfit image
Shower. I love evening showers. I only shower in the mornings if I've done cardio- usually running on my elliptical. After I get out I brush out my hair, get in PJs, and relax.

7:00 PM

cat, animal, and pet image animal, cat, and dogs image
Family time. Since I'm quarantining with my family we spend the evenings talking and hanging out. It's a little boring- we mostly sit around and watch our cats play.

8:00 PM

girl, friends, and friendship image cool, friendship, and food image
Zoom. My church has a lot of Zoom events and every Monday I go to one. It's mostly games and such and I don't really participate but it is entertaining to say the least.

9:10 PM

Temporarily removed beauty, makeup, and brush image
Skincare. I brush my teeth, cleanse my face, moisturizer, and sometimes use a booster if I need some glow.

9:20 PM

body art, chill, and eye mask image girl, icon, and kpop image
Phone time. I need to get off my phone and laptop. I spend way too much time scrolling through YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. It's addictive and unhealthy.

10:00 PM

bedtime, free time, and girl image quarantine image
Lights out. I usually read my Bible in bed at this time and sometimes read a little of my book.

10:30 PM

bed, boy, and couple image girl image
Bedtime. I make sure I go to bed before 10:30 so I can get at least 8 hours of sleep.

That's all! Sounds pretty boring right? I should really get back into studying, dance practice, writing, and actually reading but I'm so unmotivated, unproductive, and lazy these days. For about half of the quarantine, I was busy, but I'm burned out and bored now. Hopefully I can get motivated again!

Love you guys! Stay healthy.


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