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1. The first song is responsible for the gender and name of your oc. If the singer's gender is male then your oc is also going to be male and you will then me able to choose the name of him/her based on the aesthetic of the song.

manta rays by chloe moriondo

gender: female
name: river pearl vincent

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the song gives me sort of boho, indie dream vibes, if that makes any sense. so I gave the character a boho inspired name and chloe sings something about a pearl in the song so I decided to make her middle name pearl.
2. The second song is the appearance of your oc.

i'm used to it by powfu

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appearance: dyed hair, green eyes, wears mainly thrifted clothes, slender.

3. The third song is the personality of your oc and also their mental health state.

sadder badder cooler by tove lo

Image by caminie aesthetic, broken, and him image euphoria and maddy perez image better days, get out, and happiness image

personality: bad girl who doesn't take anything from anyone. suffers from a broken heart because she spent two years in an abusive relationship. however she betters herself after the failed relationship.

mental health state: good but not the best.

4. The fourth song is the aesthetic of the location that they live in.

crying out loud by state champs

aesthetic, bedroom, and plants image memories, bad, and box image

i feel like she lives in an apartment in the city, like NYC or someplace like that. she first moved here with her boyfriend but he left her after a while. she might not have the best memories here but it's all she can afford.

5. The fifth song is the relationship with their parents.

parasite eve by bring me the horizon

Image by Michelle Carrillo Image by arzu

I feel like her relationship with her parents is nowhere near perfect, not even okay. Her parents want her to be the perfect daughter and be something like a doctor, lawyer, or politician but she doesn't want that. I also get the feeling that her parents' relationship isn't good either, that their relationship may be toxic not just for her but for them.

6. The sixth song is the relationship with their siblings (if they have any, depends on your imagination).

stan by me by g-eazy

Image removed quotes, life, and words image

Her relationship with her sibling is kinda different. Her sibling is a lot to handle, extremely selfish, and sarcastic most of the time. She has a toxic relationship with her sibling. Also, she finds herself having to go out of her way to obtain her sibling or parents' attention. She does love her brother, although their relationship is strained.

7. The seventh song is the relationship with their partner (if they have one, depends on your imagination).

cherry flavoured by the neighbourhood

couple, love, and Relationship image euphoria, tv show, and nate jacobs image

Her relationship with her partner is like a dream in the beginning but it leads her to do a lot of things she would never do on her own. However, she slowly figures out it's her life and she needs to take control of what happens in her life and not anyone else. Also, she finds out that being alone is better than being with someone toxic who makes you not feel like yourself or nothing at all.

8. The eighth song is the relationship with their friends.

happier now by five north

couple, jake webber, and tara yummy image Temporarily removed

This song also describes her relationship with her partner. He may have been a close friend before they began dating. As a couple, they have definitely wrecked each other in a way. In contrast, they believe they are extremely better off or happier now without one another and are not the same people they were when they met as kids. Also, like the song says they are glad that their relationship didn't work out. Although with how toxic their relationship was I'm not exactly positive that they would be friends after all they've been through together.



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